After the breakup

As I entered the bar I noticed it was almost empty. Just a guy doodling on his notebook, and the bartender preparing a simple drink. I just wanted some alone time and get completely wasted, since I had broken with my girlfriend a few minutes before. If you ask me, I don’t even know why I broke with her, we were pretty much in love, but today I felt like it wasn’t going to work out, so I just broke up with her.

As I walked to the back of the bar, I noticed there were some women’s clothes lying on a table, including a white skirt, a black blouse, some stockings, heels and underwear. “Weird” I thought. I sat down, and looked at the guy that was drawing something in his notebook. He looked back and smiled. That was even weirder. For some reason, which I don’t intent to understand, I felt like taking my clothes off and trying the woman’s clothes that I saw before. I stood back up, and took all my clothes off. I then picked the bra and thong and put them on. The thong didn’t leave too much to imagination, my thing was sticking out, but I just didn’t care. I sat down, and put the stocking sexily, it was like I had done so before. I then put the blouse and skirt on. For some reason I felt hot.

I was kind of embarrased, I looked to the guy, he was still drawing. I then felt dizzy, I felt a gust of wind cover me. It messed my hair. My lonf blonde hair was all over my face. I then took the heels and put them on, they sure looked great on my long feminine legs. I saw something sparkling on the table, it was a necklace. “I don’t know why I didn’t see this before” I said outloud while puting it on.

I then looked at the guy drawing again. He sure looked hot. I felt a short but very strong orgasm, I could feel my pussy wet. “Wow!” I said. I had even lost my balance. I was getting dirty thoughts of the guy and me. I walked towards him and kissed him. He invited me to his place. And since that day we have been a couple. I love him very much, and it sure is great to be his fiance.


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