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Becoming a blonde bimbo

I sat in the room scared shitless. The jocks have never liked nerds like me but this was ridicolous, why would they ever kidnap me?!
The had placed me in a room without windows and only one door in and commanded me to sit still on the lone chair that was in the room.
I heard them coming. The four of them entered the room again, one took guard behind me, one to the left, one to the right and their leader in the middle in front of me. The leader, Jack, was holding something in his hand. It looked like a Powerade bottle but the color of the drink didn´t match that particular taste. I knew that much.
“Drink”, Jack ordered me.
I was still scared. Maybe this was just a bad prank?
“All of it”. He handed me the bottle.
The fear must have been evident in my eyes as Jack got an evil smile on his face.
I gulped down the liquid in the bottle. Definately not Powerade. It tasted less chemical and more natural, even though it fizzled like a soda. Read more

Becoming Popular

“You see these? Mine! Forever!”Liam taunted Gretchen, the original owner of the body he now wore. “But…but…but…it was only for a test. I just needed to get an A on the test”, Gretchen sobbed in the small frame of Liam´s former nerdy body. “Duh, you are more stupid than I originally thought. Why would I give up the opportunity of having a better life when it´s literally thrown in my face? I`m more popular now that before. My new parents have enough money to spoil me. I`m not picked on, and I can finally do sports and roleplaying games without getting teased. All thanks to becoming a hot girl that everyone wants to be with”.

“But…” Read more