Baiting Boys

I gave the mirror a quick glace. My hair was perfect, my boobs were quite inviting, and my lips… well, they brought the disguise together.

I’d been slowly working my way into the real world, tuning my homemade body suit to perfection, until almost no one could tell I wasn’t actually a cute blonde. The only way someone could find out now was if they got up close and personal, and realized the equipment didn’t work. I’d had plenty of fun teasing all of my guy friends with this suit on, sporting different hair colors and faces, and I’d even been able to fool them up close lately as well. Today will be different though.
GenTech had just released their first SkinMorph device, a small wand of sorts that would seal a person inside their body suit and make the entire thing come to life.
Having saved up for the device for months now, I could finally afford purchasing one. I raced home from the store and grabbed my suit from the hidden closet in my room.
I slid my legs into the suit first, pulling it up the loose torso, arms, and head as I went. I grabbed the wand and ran it down both legs from my middle thigh. The difference was shocking! What felt like luke-warm mannequin skin before was now warm and soft to the touch, even perfectly smooth as if the suits leg has become my own! I quickly finished pulling on the rest of the suit, adjusting the torso and head to fit as well as they could before grabbing the wand and running it over my entire body.
The feeling was electrifying. As the wand passed each inch of suit, I could feel it activate and become my own flesh. When I waved it over my face and head, I felt my lips and teeth and tongue readjust to fit the creation I’d made. The hair on my head became one with the suit, and I gently tugged at it to confirm the spot-on feeling of real-life hair.
I reached down into what had only been a smooth part of the suit to find a tingling pussy, with cute lips and an inviting ache that began when I started rubbing the new genitalia.
This would be perfect. My voice even sounded like I imagined. I threw on some tight fitting clothes, and gave one last glance at the mirror. There’s no way my friends aren’t going to fall for me now…


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