I think I’m going to like it here

George was exhausted and bored. He had a long night at the bar and was a bit hungover, but, there were too many projects waiting for him at the office. So he rolled out of bed and dragged himself to the shower. He always found that a quick jerk in the shower in the morning gave him a good start on the day. So after lathering up, he grabbed his throbbing dick and started to whack away. He loved to fantasize about hot babes, but for some reason, this morning, all he could think about was cock…big cocks, thick cocks, little cocks, cocks of all shapes and sizes, but he was sucking them all.

Still, it worked and he unloaded a bucket of cum, like never before. But it wasn’t regular jizz, it was pink and smelled kind of fruity. Weird, but, who cares…it felt so good and left him shuddering. He was breathing heavily as he washed off his hands and crotch, but the pink jizz took forever to clean off. It seemed like the more he tried to rub it off, the more it attached until he was completely encased by the stuff. What the fuck?

Just as he was starting to really worry, it was suddenly gone. As if his whole body soaked it up and when it happened, he suddenly felt a rush of pleasure like he was going to cum again. His body shuddered and felt warm and sexy all over. He was interrupted by his talking alarm warning him to get moving. He was due in the office in fifteen minutes and it was a ten-minute drive. He rushed to his room, threw on some clothes and raced to work.

When he arrived, it was empty. Where was everybody? He filled up his coffee cup, walked into his office and closed the door. He hung his jacket on the hook behind the door and walked over to his desk. There was the stack of papers he’d left yesterday. But on top of it was a strange necklace on a little leather band. What is that? He reached for it but before he could take it in his hand, it was around his neck. Not only that but the room was suddenly filled with that same fruity smell from his shower. AAAUUGGGHHH!

George was suddenly burning up, he tore off his shirt and tie. As he did, his trousers just kind of faded away. His shoes and socks disappeared, as well. For some reason, he ran his hand through his hair and his suddenly slender, well-manicured fingers ran through a full head of reddish-brown hair. Breasts sprouted from his chest…beautiful breasts at least 34C that complimented a beautiful narrow waist and voluptuous ass. There was a knock on the door. The new woman in George’s body…wait, not George, she thought, Ginger…sprung like a feral cat onto her desk. A sexy feminine voice came out of Ginger’s mouth—

Who is it? It was Gabe, the new intern.

Today was Gabe’s first day at the office. And what a day it was going to be. Ginger told Gabe to come in. She had a special gift for him. As Gabe opened the door, he found a beautiful, sexy woman on all fours on top of the desk, licking her lips and staring at Gabe’s suddenly erect cock. I think I’m going to like it here thought Gabe as he made his way toward Ginger…


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