Nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted!

When his girlfriend suggested that they swap bodies to spice up their sex life James jumped at the chance to be a girl as like most men he had always been curious of what sex was like for a woman.

But he never expected his girlfriend to want to start off with making him get down on his knees and suck his own cock as she like many other women had always been curious of what having an erection and shooting cum was like and what better way of finding out then getting a blowjob.

He cried out loud how do you girls do this it’s bloody awful after his girlfriend shot her load into his mouth which made him want to be sick.

She looked down at her own pretty face with a look of revulsion on it and said don’t worry you’ll get used to it before walking off leaving her boyfriend still kneeling there still coming to terms with what he had just experienced.


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