Sam was a little bit naive about women he was only 16 and never got any further than kissing a girl.

So when the great shift placed him in the female body of a 19 year old college student who was just getting dressed it almost blew his mind.

It took him a few seconds to realise that the gorgeous woman staring back from the mirror was himself as he ran his hands up and down his new female body trying to take it all in and not panic as he felt up the 2 perk breasts on his chest before letting his hands wander down to her knickers.

He wasn’t so naive not to know that girls got wet when they got turned on but the minute he started exploring his new body he started feeling damp between his new legs and the minute one of his hands felt the pussy that was between his legs it was like somebody had opened up the floodgates.

He could not believe how rapidly he got wet as he lay on the floor stroking his new pussy overwhelmed by all the new feelings and sensations he was experiencing enjoying himself too much to care how he ended up where he was or why he was a woman.

As he just wanted the incredible feeling he was feeling to go on forever.

(reupload of caption by @Count-Orlok2)


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