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Being a horny teenager, Brad (16) had heard about all the sex that goes on during the Olympics. Wanting to get in on some of the action, he found a magic spell that could swap his mind with anyone he thought of but only once. It took some time but Brad finally decided to leave his life behind and become a male Olympian. Read more

Daniel’s Moment

You can pinpoint the exact moment when Daniel (14) switched into the body of the college aged neighbor he jerked off to. When the FOSE hit the Earth, anyone who orgasmed at the exact moment, shifted into the person they thought about during their climax. Unknown to him, when the FOSE hit, she was in the middle of fucking a hung college boy. Read more

The Troublemakers

It was bad enough that the Great Shift put Angela (23), Mandy (19) and Don (22) into the bodies of a trio of young middle school boys but could they have not been anyone else? Nick (13), Pete (14) and Kurt (13) were some of the most disrespectful, obnoxious & crudest boys in their grade. Teachers were having enough with their antics within two weeks but the Great Shift was supposed to fix that. Read more

Daniel’s Ad

After Daniel (23) was shifted into the body of his sexy teenage neighbor, he did nothing but stay inside and finger his tight pussy. Bringing himself to Earth-shattering orgasms each time was not enough for the former sex-craved man; he needed something else. Read more

Niece’s Little Secret

Tony (36) always wondered where his niece, Kaylee (16) ran off to after dinner. Tony was visiting his brother’s family and every night, Kaylee would put on some good clothes and bolt out the door. He was shocked that his brother nor his wife would ask where she was going. Tony couldn’t handle the mystery any longer and after failed attempts, found a way to get his answer. Read more

What’s gotten into her?

Arnold couldn’t understand why his girlfriend, Natalie, had become so sex crazy. One minute they’re making passionate love and the other, she flips him over and begins riding him like a coked up, nymphomaniac. She’s grunting and moaning as if she had never had sex before. What is happening? Read more

Shifted Andersons Part 3

None of the Andersons, however, were as shocked as Michael (47). A father to three children and a beautiful wife, Michael was as manly as one could be. Read more

Shifted Andersons Part 4

Melissa Anderson (42) and Marcus Anderson (13) had shifted into a pair of promiscuous sisters in the middle of a threesome. While strange for Melissa to be in the body of a young woman, fingering herself on a couch, it wasn’t as if she switched genders. Not unlike her youngest son right across from her, who was licking a stranger’s cock with passion. Read more

No longer daddy’s little girl

The pleasure was beyond anything Rick (45) could’ve imagined. His mouth, wide open, couldn’t form sentences that didn’t begin with ‘oh god’. The Great Shift had swapped Rick with his daughter, Samantha (18), weeks after she had moved out to college. Read more

Babysitter Cases Part 4

As stated previously, Holly (15) had convinced her father’s coworker, Dave (30) to swap bodies with her. Using the idea of female pleasure of the reason to switch, Dave was lured in, despite knowing her young age. Read more