Babysitter Cases Part 1

At the start of 2016, a small town was affected by the appearance of an odd series of events. Each of these events was related to a young boy and his babysitter, usually within the early teen-mid 20’s range. All these cases are sexual in nature and are currently under examination for mental changes.

The first case involves Dillon, age 14. According to him (now ‘her’), he found a ‘spell’ on his way to school that could transfer his mind into the body of anyone he wanted. His babysitter, Lana, was watching him that night and as she left, he read the spell. He instantly was transferred into her body with Lana going into his, believing herself to be Dillon.

From Dillon’s testimony, he apparently felt a surge of hormonal lust that overwhelmed his fourteen year old mind. He called a man on Lana’s phone and had sex with him for nearly two days straight. When asked if he had any regrets, Dillon responded:



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