I’m secretly a woman.

Mmmm I never tire of this view, never, but I suppose this may be as it’s still pretty new to me.

I shouldn’t have this pussy, a vagina is what women have after all and I’m a man. I should have a cock and balls jutting out not this.

But that’s not what I wanted, I craved to have this, I needed it and I found a way to do it a few months ago. I gave up my penis and testicles for a real vagina and a full female reproductive system.

No-one knows of course what I have done, anyone looking at me still sees me as a man. They have no idea of what I possess beneath my clothes.

Women who walk past me, work with me, who are in my life, all have no idea just how close to them I am. Some hilariously think that when I speak with them it’s just because I want to get in their knickers, they have no idea what the truth is.

The truth is that when I speak to them, it’s such a turn on to me to know that I have what they do. To know that I am wearing knickers beneath my male clothes like them. To know that under those knickers, I possess the same equipment like them – it’s amazing!

Even more incredible is that I’ve had a few periods now, I’ve gone through a few full female cycles and I’ve ridden the wave of female hormones. The other week I overheard a few of them complaining about their cramps and bloating, unbeknownst to them I was going through the exact same thing! Like these women, I too was having to wear a maxi pad and a tampon.

I adore having this little pussy, I’ve enjoyed everything it has to offer and it feels amazing. The female orgasm is absolutely wondrous, so much better than the standard male pump and squirt. When I make this pussy purr, it radiates through my whole core and I feel tingly all over. I struggle to keep myself quiet when I release – it would after all sound very odd to any of my neighbours hearing a male voice in the throes of female passion!!!!

I love my life as this secret woman, having a vagina is so so much better than having a penis. Men don’t know just how unlucky they really are, if they knew what they could experience if they made a change like I have, they’d all do it!!


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