Bimbo Apocalypse – Origins 3: Laziness’ conclusion

July 30, 2015
Lana was slowly waking up. She felt something in her vagina. Then she heard a voice. “Well, well, well…” A feminine voice said. “Why’d you do that to us?” Lana asked. Carmelita opened her eyes. “Um. Lana? I’m kinda tied up here. A little help would be great.” She said. “Sorry. I’m tied up to.” Lana answered. Her hands and feet were tied with a metal cable with additional fixations to keep her on all fours while her nipples were being taped to some kind of cables coming from the floor. Carmelita was lying on her stomach with her arms and legs tied in her back. Both were completely naked. The mysterious body of the feminine voice was standing behind them. They couldn’t see her anyway since the room was completely dark. “Do the two of you know where we are?” “How” Carmelita started “We can’t see anything.” “Oh. My bad.” The voice said and pulled a string attached to the ceiling. Lana could see a city. They were somewhere in a towering building. ”Thanks.” Lana said “Now could you tell me what is in my butt?” “Well. I have some medical files on you ‘Lana’. Or should I say Jon. You cached the TG virus. One that would make your breasts grow when you orgasm.” The voice explained. “What?” Carmelita interjected. “You… Were a man?” Lana remained silent. “Come on. Tell her.” The voice suggested. “You are BFFs after all.” “I…was a man… Just a little over a month ago.” Lana said. “And didn’t you think that I might have wanted to know that?” “I thought that you’d react like this.” “Because it is creepy!” She trembles with disgust. “You saw me naked.” “I see a naked woman all the time when I shower. And you saw me naked too. It is not that I disguise myself to infiltrate the girl’s changing room. I can’t go back and I never asked for this.” Carmelita takes a deep breathe. “You… You’re right. I’m sorry. We should focus on getting out of hear.” “Ohh. The girls are friends again. I thought it’d take you longer to reconcile that he’s a creep gazi…” “Shut up Michelle!” Lana and Carmelita scream at the same time. “Jinx” Lana said. “Damnit” Carmelita answered. “No!” the voice of Michelle begins. “You will shut up!” She walks around the two prisoners and holds Carmelita’s mouth open with a lockjaw. Then she puts a cable in her moth and removes the lockjaw. “If you let go of the cable I’ll have to combine it with the lockjaw, understood?” Carmelita nods. “As you know Jon here” Michelle began but Lana interjects “You can use my name.” “The virus in Jon is non-contagious. I can reactivate it though.” She walks over to Lana and tells her to open her mouth. “I can trust you that you don’t need the lockjaw? She will if you refuse to obey me.” Lana opens her mouth and Michelle injects a fluid from a pipette. “Now I have contagious virus in Jon and a test subject. You might have wondered about the pipe in your pussy Jon. It is supposed to catch the contagious cum you produce and transport it. And guess where the other end is.” “Carmelita!” Lana screams out. “Exactly. And if she doesn’t swallow I’ll have to use the lockjaw.” Carmelita looks desperately to Lana. “You might have wondered” Michelle continued. “For what the pipes on your nipples are. They tickle you to orgasm. I’ll start the machine… Now!” Lana cramps and makes grimaces. “Why do you hold it back, darling? Just let it go” “N-No!” “Well then better don’t think of anything to sexy like” She begins to talk slowly “big, fleshy, round tits with a pair of hands fondling around with them, pinching those sensitive nipples” Lana can’t take it anymore. She lets go and then comes. A steady stream of white fluid swooshes through the cable and into Carmelita’s mouth. “Carm’. I’m so sorry.” Lana says while trying to hold the boob-growth back. To Lana’s surprise grow Carmelita’s breasts instead of shrining. “What… What is happening?! Why do her tits grow?” Michelle screams and rips the cable out of Carmelita’s mouth. Meanwhile Lana can’t hold back the boobs growth and, once again, lets go. Her breasts grow rapidly in a few seconds and shatter the gadgetry that pleasures them. Then they hear noises from the other side of the door. A foot kicked in the door and points a gun at Michelle. “Step away from that lockjaw, otherwise we’ll have to shoot you!” the policeman said. Michelle cautiously takes a step back. Two other police officers enter the room and free Carmelita and Lana. They took Michelle and left the room. Carmelita and Lana stand in the room they were prisoners just a few seconds ago and stared at each-other. “Your breasts… They grew. A lot.” “Yours did too, Carm’” Lana said while stretching.
‘Day 39
…And so we were saved, thanks to Sis calling the police and counting together one and one. Apparently Keven altered his physical appearance with the money (and likely their accordance) of his parents to look like some random girl. He then came into the girl’s rest room where Carm’ and I were chilling and put something in our water. After I didn’t return at this day Sis first thought that I was probably doing a pyjama party (Which by the way is something we totally have to do) over at Carm’s place. After I didn’t return sometime around lunch of the next day and Carm’s parents didn’t know where she was either Sis remembered that Kevin swore revenge against us and since she knew where he lived she just had to call the police and voila! Carm’ came with me and Sis over to my place and we talked. Talked about different things, mainly my curse and orgasm stuff and how we were gonna integrate back into school.’ Lana wrought the last sentence and closed the book. For the moments she was happy. She didn’t know what was to come.


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