Astral projection

Jeff tries for a few weeks astral projection at his home. For the first time he success to go out of his body and flies over his bed. He goes through the ceiling and ends up at the upper floor apartment. He wonders what will happen if he cross through some people. Jeff looks for someone, but he doesn’t see very well. It’s blurred and he distinguishes only shadows and lights. Finally he sees a human form so he flies through it.

Weird, the fly stop and Jeff feels a physical body again. He now sees through the eyes of a person sitting on a couch. He’s very surprised because there’s a man standing in front of him wearing only underwear and his cock out. Jeff understood that this was a bad idea. Jeff looks up and recognizes the man’s face in front of him. That’s Malcolm, the 18 year old son of the Green family that lives in the flat above. And bad luck, Jeff is not in the young man body; he landed into an unknown teenage girl who holds Malcolm’s cock in her hand.

Jeff freaks out; he doesn’t know how to get out of this female body. He feels perfectly her new members and her breasts swaying. He’s trapped in this body at this time. Suddenly the young Green pushes Jeff‘s head to him. Jeff mechanically opens her lips and puts the large cock in her mouth. He doesn’t understand how, but he feels the urge to do so. He’s disgusted and excited simultaneously. He sucks the young man to ejaculation and discovered sperm flowing sensation in her throat.

After that, Malcolm sits on the couch to rest. Jeff takes the opportunity to leave him and go to the first bedroom he finds to be alone. He lies down on the bed, looking at her woman body then closes her eyes to calm down. He tries to enter trance as fast as possible to recover his body. After a few minutes he finally succeeds and rises gently to the ceiling. Suddenly he abruptly returned to the teenage girl‘s body. A new frightening sensation has just waked her up and breaks the trance. Something hard and hot enters her belly. Malcolm is rested and joined his girlfriend in the bedroom. Jeff opens her eyes and sees Malcolm above her, sticking his cock in her new pussy. Oh my god!

Jeff will have to find another quiet moment to perform a new astral projection in order to leave this body. Oh, um … it feels so good … maybe I will experiment this more …


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