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Go Fuck Yourself

Fuck off Jack

When Jack was told to “go fuck himself” by his now ex-girlfriend, he didn’t think it meant that it meant his dick would fall off and transform into a dildo. Read more

Cock Shocked

Shocked At Big Dick

Jack and his friend were on a road trip, and unbeknownst to them, the Great Shift was only a minute away.  The Shift only had about a 1 in 10 chance of affecting people, so they wouldn’t have had much reason to worry either way.  Luckily for Jack’s friend, Ari, he hadn’t been affected by the shift.  Jack, however, was not so lucky. Read more

Astral projection

Jeff tries for a few weeks astral projection at his home. For the first time he success to go out of his body and flies over his bed. He goes through the ceiling and ends up at the upper floor apartment. He wonders what will happen if he cross through some people. Jeff looks for someone, but he doesn’t see very well. It’s blurred and he distinguishes only shadows and lights. Finally he sees a human form so he flies through it. Read more

Incest Bodysuit? Almost!

I was on vacation, in a body suit of the girl I wanted to be. Beautiful, confident, and yes it was a girl I’d almost fell in love with on a transexual website. I wanted the body. What can I say?
I’d bee getting guys to go with me all night.
But It was my dad going with me that actually got me hard. I had to pretend he was someone else.
My dick was just too stiff.
But, as I came inside his tight hole, I told him he was my daddy. He didn’t know that I really was, but he certainly came hard when I whispered I was his son become a girl for him. The kind he liked– the kind that could fuck him.
It still makes me shiver.
So if you want to have a real good time, get an incest body suit. They make it for you and your family.
P.S., I asked him if he would be hard if I was his son pretending to be a girl. I’ve never been fucked in femme so hard.