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Wrong Body

Ted tried to astral project into his neighbor Jeff’s body to get sex with his hot wife, Audrey. He somehow missed his mark though, and projected into her instead! New and incredible sensations of female pleasure entered his new body, as he felt so different with curvy soft skin, long silky hair, huge boobs hanging from his chest, and a cock mounted in his new pussy, the man Jeff, pushing into his soft large round ass. He was in shock, but couldn’t help but open his new mouth in bliss as well. He never experienced anything like this, he was being pleasured on the receiving end! As Jeff sucked on the nipple of one of his huge areolas, he shuddered in orgasm. Then as Jeff came inside him, he shuddered twice more, he had three orgasms in one session! Read more

Astral projection

Jeff tries for a few weeks astral projection at his home. For the first time he success to go out of his body and flies over his bed. He goes through the ceiling and ends up at the upper floor apartment. He wonders what will happen if he cross through some people. Jeff looks for someone, but he doesn’t see very well. It’s blurred and he distinguishes only shadows and lights. Finally he sees a human form so he flies through it. Read more