Lady Luck

Erik had been gambling for a couple years now. With his immense success and winnings, he had found himself as a bit of a high roller now. One night after scoring huge, another man at his table gave him a customary gift. Except this wasn’t just more chips, it was a medallion that read “lady luck” on the front.

A few nights later, Erik was getting ready for another night in Vegas, and he decided to try the medallion on. “It can’t hurt” he figured.

Once he put it on, he found himself in the arms of the man who had given it to him. “So, lady luck has arrived,” the man smiled at Erik. Just as Erik realized his surrounding in another casino and that he was somehow in the body of a beautiful woman, the man reached his hand down Erik’s skirt and found Erik’s clit. A jolt of lightning went through Erik. It was his lucky night indeed!


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