Any Woman

James was a surprised as anyone when he unlocked the power of the genies lamp and was given 3 wishes. First he wished he could seduce any woman with out worry about guys butting in. Second James wished for a million dollars an obvious wish in his mind. James spent the next few days testing out his new powers when he realized it be a problem if he started getting a bunch of woman pregnant, so he wished he couldn’t accidentally get anyone pregnant. As the genie and the lamp disappear James felt his body change in a way he never imagined. His muscles shrank, his body thinned, he lost almost a foot in height, his hair became long and red as James became a beautiful woman. Now as Jane she could seduce any woman whether she be straight or gay or even several women at a time without ever worry about pregnancy. And all do she was beautiful since she wish for men to not but in no man ever found her attractive even when Jane would strip naked right in front of them.


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