I’m Good to Go

“Upset, not in the slightest, this is great, and I’m still me inside, Terrence, just I have a different body, albeit a sexy one if I might add. The Great Shift didn’t do me harm. I mean, like, give me, like a set of balls to suck on, and I’m, like, totally good to go,” said Terrence to his buddies he invited over, after he ended up in his sister Jenna’s body who was upstairs naked when the shift occurred.

“Sucking on balls? Are you sure this didn’t change you more than you realize there, Terrence,” asked the one bud Jeff.

“Like, OMIGAWD, I THINK IT MIGHT HAVE, I MEAN why did I just talk about sucking balls, and why does the tent in your pants, look, like so hawt,” asked the new Jenna, licking her lips for a hunk like Jeff!

“Who knows, who cares, do you want to see the tent pole, babe,” asked Jeff seizing an opportunity.

“Um, like, of course, babe, show me your junk, and I’ll show you mine, hot stuff,” said the new horny Jenna.

“Yes sexy,” said Jeff as he dropped his boxers, revealing a huge 10 inch cock!

“My mouth and ass will be sore, but this is totally worth it,” said the new Jenna messaging her new pussy in anticipation!

Meanwhile, Jenna swapped with the English teacher downtown, and with all the Great Shift chaos in town, was in no position to find her old body any time soon.


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