Another kind of shapeshifter

If you think about it, this isn’t so bad. A few years ago I found a lamp, yes, yes, a magic lamp. By now, you all should know the deal, three wishes to be made, and a genie that might missunderstand my wishes. I tried to phrase everything as perfect as I could. “I wish I owned several appartment buildings which I rent for money”, the genie granted my wish without a problem. I was settled for life, I didn’t have to worry about money, ever.

“I wish that I could get any woman I chose to love me”, again the wish worked perfectly. And I didn’t intend to have any woman love me, I already had a girl in mind. I wanted her to break up with her boyfriend and love me. That got me thinking, maybe it would be fun if I could reshape my body, become anyone I wanted, transform into any man or woman, that would be fun. “I wish to be able to shapeshift into any person I want”, the genie granted my wish and disappeared. I tried concentrating to reshape my body, but nothing happened. “Too bad” I thought. Anyways, I went back to my second wish, I went looking for Amy. I told her I loved her, and she told me she loved me too. She kissed me and invited me into her home. We had sex, which was just perfect, she was great in bed.

We were cuddling when her boyfriend showed up. He was 6’5″ tall, and a boxer. “Shit I am fucked” I thought. He walked towards me, and punched me right on the face. I fell to the floor on the first blow. Amy was upset, she told him to stop it, “I love him!”. That gave me the strenght I needed. I stood up, my legs were shaking. “This would be easier if you were a girl” I said. And that’s when it happened, I saw him transform into a petite woman. She was quite hot too, she was still standing in a fighting pose, ready to hit me. “So, you want more big guy” she said in a feminine voice. She was unaware of the changes, and so was Amy. “Lets not fight. I don’t want to hit a girl” I said. “He loves me! and I love him too” Amy said, “I told you before Andrea, you are just my friend, nothing can happen between us”. Andrea left, quite upset.

I couldn’t believe it, I had the ability to shapeshift anybody, but not myself. Ever since that day I realized my gift wasn’t so bad. I have been having lots of fun turning people into some other people. I am still with Amy, and I will always be with her. But it sure is fun to transform her into a different fantasy every day.


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