Normal Life

Me: “Hey sweetie! Here’s a pic of me ready for tonight! Do I look ok?”, I sent the text nervously awaiting a reply from the faceless man running my life.


Daddy: “Damn baby, looking fine as always! Those implants sure did turn out nicely, I think you can start work at the club soon. Does that excite you?”

Me: “Oh yes I cannot wait!”, I new better than be honest. The thought of being a cocktail waitress at Club Xtasy was the opposite of exciting, those girls practically wore lingerie!


Daddy: Excellent baby, in that case you will go to the club tonight and meet the owner. You already have a position as a personal favor to me, however he insists that you interview as a formality. You know what to do, do not disappoint me.”

Me: “Yes sir, I will make you proud!”, my stomach churned. I knew that my interview would be more than a formality. If I did not “perform” adequately this so called Daddy and my new boss would not be happy, and the last time Daddy was not happy I got gigantic breast implants and a demeaning job. I still have no idea why this is happening to me, but I know that if I want to live a semi normal life I have to act like a brainless bimbo and, tonight in particular, suck a little dick.


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