Annoying Brother No More

My older brother,Zach, has annoyed me all of my life. He is self centered, sexist, and generally a jerk. I was thrilled when he went off to college, and even decided to stay local for college myself just so I could actually enjoy family time without him for once. Needless to say, I was incredibly bummed when I found out he was moving back with the family after not being able to find a job. I needed some retail therapy, so I headed off to the mall.

While I was there, I noticed a new store with clothes, lingerie, and fun costumes. Bella’s was the name. I figured I might as well check it out.

The lady working in the store greeted me by name, “Liz, I can help you.” I had to do a double take. “Your annoying brother is coming back home, and I have just the thing for you.” She came over and handed me a package with PINK brand Yoga pants. “Ummm ok?” I stuttered. “All you need to do is leave this in your brothers room, and everything will correct itself, no charge today.” So I took them and headed home. I carefully left them in my brothers room, knowing he would be back tomorrow.

Zach had just arrived back and was greeted with glee by my parents. Gag me, I hate him. I faked some enthusiasm, and then went back to my room, across the hall from his. He eventually settled down in his room, and noticed the package. He opened it, and held up the yoga pants with a look of confusion. But then he did something I didn’t expect….with the door hanging wide open he took off his pants. He seemed in a daze. Then he slid on the yoga pants. They sure looked crazy on him. Was this the goal? That he would get embarrassed?

But then things got weird. His white undershirt that he was wearing began to turn pink. Was his hair growing out really fast? and WOAH his butt had gotten huge in the pants. There was a look of horror and exasperation on his face. I was loving it. I didn’t know how this was happening, but I knew what was coming next. He keeled over in pain as two breasts expanded out from the tank top. His face was reshaping. I just sat there giggling. My big tough brother was becoming a woman! I walked over into his room.

“Serves you right big brother!” I told him.
“What the fuck did you do…..AHH!!!” and he reached down to the front of his pants. Now he was most defintly a she, and the front of her yoga pants showed a slight camel toe instead of a bulge.
“Seriously Liz, what is going on, why do I look like this now?”
“So is it still you in there Zach? A woman’s body but with your male mind?”
“Duh of course, whatever you did cant stop me from being a man. I mean I was quarterback of the….cheerleading squad.” Zach stopped abruptly. I couldn’t help but laugh as he stood there mentally perplexed. “I mean I slept with so many hot guys!” A look of horror came over her newly feminine face.
“Liz, stop this is bad enough. Isn’t this punishment enough? Why am I now remembering that I am dating my best friend Patrick, and have been since we went off to college together. Gah….I lost my virginity to him!? He is taking me out on a date tonight and I’ll tell him what happened. Maybe we can reverse this or maybe I’ll give him a blowjob he won’t ever forget. SIS I am so sorry for being a jerk, please change me back I promise I will be a better brother”

Zach just stood with his mouth hanging open. I could tell he was losing the mental resolve to fight the changes. Maybe this was enough, and I should help him…her….out. But then suddenly there was something like a poof of smoke. As I looked around the room I noticed that it had all changed to reflect her having grown up a woman. She was Zoe, my older sister, who I looked up to. These new memories seemed like a lot more fun than the jerk she was as Zach.

“So Sis, want to go to the mall tonight? I got these new yoga pants, and they make my ass look amazing! Gotta show it off to the guys. I haven’t put in all this hard work on fitness for nothing!” She snapped a selfie in the mirror.

I laughed to myself. Time to enjoy life with my new sister, no more annoying brother! Thanks Bella


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