I Figured It Out

Oh my head hurts. What happened last night? Why can’t I remember? What’s this getting in my eyes? Is it hair? I don’t have long hair do I? I must because it’s attached to me. What am I laying on? It feels like a couple of pillows. Let me roll over. TITS! Why do I have tits? And such big ones too! Long hair, big tits. Am I a girl? I must be. But why can’t I move? Am I tied up? I must be, but why? Was I kidnapped? I don’t think so. This room is to nice and the bed is to comfortable for a kidnappers hideout. But where am I. I don’t recognize this room, but it is nice. Let’s see. I’m a girl, tied up on a comfortable bed in a strange bedroom. Am I into bondage or something? Maybe so. These ropes are sure tight enough but this gag is more symbolic than anything else. Look at what I’m wearing. Pink lacy panties and matching bra. They look like something a girl would wear to bed for her man. Is that what happened? Am I a girl who is into bondage who wore these for her man who tied her up and will be back soon to have his way with her? I wonder if he’s handsome? I wonder if he’ll be rough or gentile? Am I into rough? I’m into bondage so I might be into rough. I wonder if he’s hung? I’m actually starting to hope so. Should I call him master? I think I better. Will he call me his little slave? I hope so! I hope master gets here soon. I’m starting to get wet in anticipation. Maybe if I’m naughty, master will spank his little slave. I hope so. Then I can work all the harder to make it up to master.

In the next room, two men watched her on a computer monitor. One turned to the other and said, “The spell physically changed him into a woman. He’s as female now as if he had been born that way. The mental changes are another matter. We’ve found the best way, the very best way, is patience. You see, take a typical male mind, erase all past memories then place it in a sexy female body, especially a female body involved in some erotic situation, and that dirty male mind will write a scenario more lurid more submissive more female than any spell or conditioning could hope to match. And it will be permanent! You can go to her now.”


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