Amy two

Yesterday, my girlfriend Amy introduced me to her friend Dan. He used to be her boyfriend a long time ago, and as you should expect, I was suspicious. No, I was more than suspicious, I was sure they were sleeping together. But I wasn’t going to break up with her unless I had proof. That’s when I called my friend James, I explained the situation. “I have a potion that would transform anyone into any other person. If you are willing to help me, I will transform you into a clone of Amy, and tomorrow at the bar, you will make a pass at Dan. Depending on his reaction, we will know if they are sleeping with each other” I told James. I expected to have to do some begging to convince him, but he agreed right away. “Give me the potion” he said. He drank the whole thing, and in a matter of seconds, I was looking at a clone of Amy. “how do I look?” he said with his now feminine voice. “Quite hot! Just like Amy” I said. “I guess for now, you should call me Amy too. Or Amy two!” he said giggling.

The plan was simple, I would stay at home with the real Amy, while James, would hit on Dan at the bar. We just had to wait until tomorrow. “No problem” James said. “Do you think I can borrow some of your sister’s clothes?” he said while selecting a pink blouse and a matching bottom and leggins. “Nobody must see you from now until tomorrow night. So go home, lock yourself in, and inspect that nice body of yours” I said as a joke. “You read my mind! that’s exactly what I’ll do. And i’ll be here tomorrow afternoon to work the details of our plan” James or <Amy two> said.

The next day, right after lunch, Amy two showed up at my door. She looked different. I let her in, “what the hell did you do? — did… did you paint your hair pink?” I asked her, “Yes!!! I look cute, don’t you think?”. “Of course you do, but the real Amy wouldn’t do that” I said. “You mean Amy One wouldn’t do that. But I am Amy two” she said giggling. “wait, did you pierce your nose?” I had just noticed the ring on her nose, “are you insane?”. “Oh boy, and you got mad at that piercing” she said while raising her blouse revealing her pierced breasts, “don’t you just want to lick them?”. And she was right, Amy one, didn’t want to have sex, not even get to second base, and this new Amy, Amy two, was everything the other Amy never was. I didn’t answer, I just started licking her nice round breasts. She grabbed my equipment, got on her knees and gave me a blow job, as I was about to cum, she said “no no, not yet”. She then pushed to my bed, and we had sex, great and hot sex. “I love you” she kept saying. Amy two didn’t even make it to the bar. And Amy one, knocked and knocked at my door, but we didn’t answer.

I never found out if Amy one was cheating on me. But I don’t care anymore, I have Amy two as my girlfriend now, and she is better in everyway. And I know she loves me, and would never cheat on me.


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