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Amy two

Yesterday, my girlfriend Amy introduced me to her friend Dan. He used to be her boyfriend a long time ago, and as you should expect, I was suspicious. No, I was more than suspicious, I was sure they were sleeping together. But I wasn’t going to break up with her unless I had proof. That’s when I called my friend James, I explained the situation. “I have a potion that would transform anyone into any other person. If you are willing to help me, I will transform you into a clone of Amy, and tomorrow at the bar, you will make a pass at Dan. Depending on his reaction, we will know if they are sleeping with each other” I told James. I expected to have to do some begging to convince him, but he agreed right away. “Give me the potion” he said. He drank the whole thing, and in a matter of seconds, I was looking at a clone of Amy. “how do I look?” he said with his now feminine voice. “Quite hot! Just like Amy” I said. “I guess for now, you should call me Amy too. Or Amy two!” he said giggling. Read more