All in the Leggings, Ass, or Just a Strong Woman

After a freak accident turned Greg into Gwen, she gradually got used to her new life, and as seen here was even wearing tight leggings to show off her lovely booty. Why would she do that? Well, she felt sexy in those leggings, hugging her curves, and she loved her hips, ass, legs, and tiny cute feet as well. She also realized this would attract her buddy who was still hanging out with her despite her no longer physically being one of the guys. Perhaps mentally she wasn’t either, as she was now flirting with him that day she wore the leggings, and was secretly hoping he would hump her by a tree in the nearby woods!

“Just peel these leggings off sweetie, and I’m all yours,” said Gwen, not realizing she jus said that aloud, and her buddy Jeff heard it.

“You used to be my guy friend, but your definitely not a guy now, if that’s what you want, I’m game, I haven’t been laid in ages. Head to the woods quickly and bend over honey, your buddy is ‘cumming’ in for landing on your tight air strip,” said Jeff, who was also a pilot who referenced his flying when getting into sex.

Gwen was so horny and into it, she blurted out again, what she should have just thought to herself, “Oh, give it to me baby, oh yes, right there, I want to be your slutty wife and have your babies, you handsome stud, oh yes!!!”

That reminded Jeff that he forgot a condom, so he pulled out and came on her back, “No can do, Greg, I mean Gwendolyn. I’m not ready to be a husband or a dad, I don’t want a nagging wife or nagging kids. Sorry, I just was in the heat of passion, I haven’t been laid in ages, you used to be a guy, you understand.”

“No I don’t understand, you asshole. I was into you despite all my changes, and I was adjusting, and I thought you would adjust with me. We spent so much time together as friends, so being married to you would have been the next step with me a woman now and you a man. I gave my body to you, because I thought somehow you not only liked me, but loved me. I was wrong, and men are all the same,” said Gwen, speaking like she’d had something against men, despite being one formerly.

She slapped Jeff across the face, and then tried again, and he caught her hand, “Now listen you little bitch, I don’t care if you were my buddy or not, this is not acceptable. Deal with it or don’t I don’t care, but don’t slap me again.”

He threw her down on her naked ass, her leggings still pulled down along with her black bikini style panties.

“What are you going to do if I slap you again, hurt me? Beat me up? Are you really one of those guys? You’d beat up a chick like me? Ugh men are such assholes. I’m glad I had this accident, I’m glad I’m a woman now. We are so much better than guys. You think with one thing, your penis, and I should know I had one myself, but glad I no longer do. Now leave me alone, I don’t want to look at you. I’m going home, getting a pint of ice cream and watching Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing to drown my sorrows. I hate guys now. Maybe I’ll be a lesbian. Fuck you all, go fuck yourselves MEN,” said Gwen upset, hurt, disturbed, and angry.

“Goodbye bitch, women are all the same,” said Jeff.

Gwen yelled as Jeff started off, “I hope you have the same fucking accident I had, maybe you’d understand women better, I know I do now.”

Jeff scoffed off, saying, “Women, ugh, even women that were dudes are bad as well as the regular ones.”

Then the strangest thing happened to Jeff, the lightening flash that changed Greg to Gwen, did hit Jeff in fact! Jeff got up and had boobs and new equipment, his now long blonde hair to his large round ass. His clothing fit different, tight in some places loose in others, and he needed to leave the park, his tiny new feet slipping almost out of his men’s size 14 running shoes.

Gwen had followed that lightening and laughed, “Ha! Ha! See Jeff, now you’re one of us too! HAH! Should I fucking call you JENNA now? Or maybe JASMINE? How about JESSICA, or JILLIAN. Goodbye JASMINE!”

“You know what, that’s it, bitch, now that we are both chicks, now I can take you on,” said the new feminized Jeff, lunging towards Gwen, her pants falling off and her tiny feel flipping the shoes off in the process.

“I see your man clothes don’t fit you now, time to buy a dress bitch,” said Gwen rubbing in the fact that Jeff was now a woman also.

They both rumbled and tumbled and scratched and clawed, a catfight, finally both giving up and resting on the ground in the woods. They both agreed to a truce, and Gwen even offered to help the new Jeff adjust as she did.

“There really is no way back, might as well make the most of it, and just be Jasmine,” said Gwen smiling.

Jeff said surprised at his mousy new voice, “Jasmine? Why do I have to have a stripper name?”

“Fine Jenna then, is that better,” asked Gwen.

“Nah, Jasmine is fine, sounds sexier anyway,” laughed the new Jasmine along with Gwen as they walked out of the wood and onto their new lives.

Jeff was a better person for the change, and so was Gary, now Jasmine and Gwen, who would later be a couple and not just friends, now understanding each other a whole lot better, both being women.


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