We dont care

this started with me and my buddy fighting over the same girl. and ended with me and my girlfriend fighting over the same cock.

Tony and I decided to hang out at a bar.
the first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was the stunning girl sitting alone at the bar.
Tony must have seen her as well because after his first drink he approached her.
after a couple of seconds, he walked away from the beauty, looking slightly embarrassed.
when he approached me I put on my best-mocking smile. “how’d that go for you?” barely keeping the laughter from my lips.
“terrible. with great beauty comes the power to reject any offer. I didn’t even get a ‘hello’ in before she discarded me.”
“Well, that sucks man… better luck next time.” I decided I would try my luck with her. I was always the womanizer, and I could take rejection a lot better than Tony.

I approached her “hey there. I’m Rob.” I would have said more but as she turned to me I saw just how stunningly beautiful she was I was at a loss for words.
she looked me over then looked around me back at Tony..”you’re with him aren’t you…god I am so tired of these guys coming up here just expecting me to agree to some quick meet and fuck. not every girl is some cock hungry slut you know. although sometimes there are cock hungry sluts… and sometimes there are two. I just wish that men wouldn’t get in my face all the time. maybe I should let you experience it just with different endings… yeah let’s try that.”

“Look, lady, if you don’t want to date just say so and ill get out of your ha–” “Hush boy.” I shut up immediately.
“Get your friend over here.”
I signaled silently to Tony to join us.
we were silent as she pulled an ancient looking book from her purse.
I had no idea what she was doing but I didn’t want to ask, it seemed like Tony didn’t either.
she seemed to find what she was looking for. she was reading the book carefully when she put her hand out toward us and said.

“Verander thease mannen naar de slet van deze wereld.
Laat ze mensen kijken en lachen als ze hun sappen slikken.
Laat ze op ieders wensen vallen en alles doen voor de manspik.”

I had no idea what she said but then she snapped and then when I blinked I was back outside the bar.
looked around confused what the hell just happened I thought. there was a woman standing on the edge of the street looking around confused as well. when she looked down she completely freaked out, she was looking around panicked and was feeling up her sexy body over the slutty outfit she was wearing. then still standing in public she pulled out her tits and was groping them, she put them back under the extremely small and slightly see through shirt and shoved her hand into her pants and she was extremely surprised to find something sensitive.
she looked at me and examined me with afraid eyes.
this caused me to look down.
my view was obstructed by a pair of huge tits hanging from my chest. looking past those I saw long slender and smooth legs ending with a pair of sexy heels, and wide hips showed off by the short and tight jeans I was wearing. I did the same thing as the other girl now watching me I took our my boobs and felt them in my small hand. and I put my hand into my new equipment letting out a small gasp of surprise as I felt the new cunt.
“How the fuck did this happen!” “why am I a woman… why am I dressed like a slut!?” I said out loud.
“Rob is that you?” the girl watching said. I turned and looked at her just as I figured it out.
“Tony…thank god. how the hell did this happen?!”
“I don’t know. do you think it was that women who hated us.” I did think it was her but we were quiet as someone walked between us. but not just anyone it was some jacked guy, he had arms the size of my tits and I found myself staring at his ass as he walked inside the bar. I looked up feeling a heat rise in my pussy and saw Tony doing the same.
we both looked at each other.
“we should go in there,” we both said at the same time.

I found it incredibly easy to walk in heels even easier if I exaggerated my hips and swung them from side to side.
when we entered I saw the women sitting in the same chair drinking the same drink and talking to the same guy everything was that same. but this time I didn’t see the woman stunningly beautiful body… this time I saw the man she was talking to.
tall, handsome face and the muscles that he had on him were…hot, I found myself staring at him.
I felt a pang of jealousy as I looked at the woman why was he talking to a bitch like her I thought. I couldn’t stop myself… I knew I used to be a man I knew I used to like women but this guy was so hot! that I really didn’t care about any other stuff.
by the look on her face, I would say that Tony felt the same. but we had to figure out what happened so I went to talk with the woman when the guy left.

“what the fuck did you do to us?” I said as we both approached her. tried turned to look and she let out a small laugh. “you two turned out so slutty… I knew you would be hot but DAMN you two are the pure essence of a slut.” she said.
“Oh! I want to try something.” she took a pen from her purse and dropped it near Tony.
“pick that up for me would you darling.”
Tony looked confused for a second then went to pick the pen up.
Tony turned his back to the entire bar then bent over pulling up his shorts and showing his full ass, then being too short she bend down more, further showing her naked ass.
“the simple truth is that you two are now sluts. I’m sure that you remember your old body and all that but now you are a woman and you are VERY attracted to men, so much so that you won’t even care about your old life when you get a cock in your hands, but until then you can try to hold out… but I doubt you will last long.” with that said she left, Tara and I sat down.
within minutes we had a guy approach us.
“so I got to ask, whats your deal, you want to talk to your girlfriend or are you a more rump in the hay type of girl.” I tried not to look at him but my soaking wet pussy got the better of me. “if you want to fuck you have to fuck both of us.” I said directly to him he seemed surprised by my offer.
“Oh, that’s just fine lady I got enough for both of you.”
I should have been mad, I should have stormed out and never came back but I didn’t, I let him lead the way and followed happily.
when we were at his place by the time he had turned the lights on I had my top off and was almost done with my shorts, but Tara beat me to him and when I was done she was already in the midst of taking his pants off, his erect dick was huge from my perspective and immediately Tara was giving him a blowjob, I was rubbing my pussy while watching the girl go on his cock. I saw him tense then he release his sweet cum all over her tits, something about that made me jealous I went to her and rubbed my tits over hers trying to get some of the warm substance, she was licking and rubbing her breast spreading the cum like oil over her tits.
I saw his cock slowly get erect again, it was my turn.
I crawled to him with pure lust in my mind.
I put my tits to his cock and pulled them together. my slightly cummy tits sliding easily around his rod.
up down up down I went, feeling every detail as I slowly slid my tits over his cock, I felt it tense and I felt the warm sticky fluid flow onto my tits.
the woman was right I didn’t care about anything but fucking this guy.


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