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Make a Wife

“Dude, seriously?” my best friend asked, peeking his (now her) head out of the bathroom. “Did you have to use your change-water device to change me into a woman? And a busty one too? C’mon, change me back.”
“Nah, sorry,” I told her with a shrug. “I like you like this.”
“Come on, this isn’t funny! Change me back!” she moaned.
“I told you: no,” I said. “You know I don’t have the easiest time with the ladies. Well, why waste time finding a wife, when my device could make one?”
“Ew!” she shouted, before slamming the bathroom door shut. “Why the fuck would I ever be your wife?!”
“Just wait until the mental changes sink in.”
“What? Honey, what mental changes?” she said. I smirked.
“Oh, you’ll see,” I said. “Can I come in?” Silence. Maybe she hadn’t changed completely yet.
“Sure, just let me wrap a towel on,” she said. It worked! I opened the bathroom door and looked in.
There she was, a towel wrapped around her head, her massive breasts exposed, her nipples hard in the cold air. “Well baby, are you going to just stare at them, or are we going to have some fun?”

Live Stream Product

It was a supreme investment opportunity. The way in which Barry, Nathan and Adam had discovered ways for men to become women was revolutionary. Yet there was no way they could sell it legally. They couldn’t even administer it to others.
They decided they would display their handiwork on themselves via a live stream. People had to pay to stream the display of a true feat of scientific advancement. Millions tuned in each paying a substantial amount of money.
Once on air the three men all produced green bikinis. They each one by one slipped the bottoms on. The camera zoomed as it demonstrated the changes. The lower halves of their bodies became absolutely female. Their hips widened, hair diminished, skin softened, rears ballooned and their crotches flattened. Adam even gave the viewers a sneak peak of his (or maybe her) new genitalia down below.
They then all put the tops on. Their chests ballooned and stomachs flattened as arms became thin, lips plumped and hair sprouted. The soon all appeared as women. Barry was Beatrice (left). Nathan was Natasha (middle). The vagina-flashing Adam became Ava (right).
They all gave the viewers a show. They flashed their breasts and danced around. They flashed their asses and masturbated. The live stream was an immense hit.
The publicity was huge. They had millions of e-mails requesting the gender changing products they supplied. But they couldn’t, law said no. However, it didn’t stop them. The three inventors loved feminity and they saw it as a great idea to share it with everyone.
They made millions selling the products. Billions even. It soon became trillions.
It’s been five years now. Beatrice, Natasha and Ava are all still women and very happy. Thanks to their products 89% of the world is women. People simply couldn’t resist. These three women have changed the world forever more than any one in history before them. They are immensely popular and are goddesses to the world and they wouldn’t trade any of it.


This wasn’t an accident. Unlike others, we knew. We knew about the contamination in the water. We wanted to jump in it just to find out. What did it feel like to be a woman?
Step by step we went in to the pool. Every bit of our bodies the water touched made it feminine. As the water swelled above our feet our feet shrunk, hair abolished and toenails polished. As we went further in our legs became womanly and smooth. Soon there was the introduction of wide hips and a plump ass as well as two pink lips forming a vagina. Further and further until we dunked our heads under and into femininity.
We were both so excited. We couldn’t wait to learn more and buy sexy bikinis. Let’s see what’s ahead.

You Need A Mother

“What did you do this for?” Questioned Alex (left).
“I did it for you. You’re mother died and you need a mother” explained the woman on the right.
“But I need a father”
“No you don’t you need a mother. You’re a growing girl. You need a mother to help you”
“But wouldn’t you want to be a man” said Alex.
“Believe me, being female is better. Being a man is stupendously overrated. Just look at my chest.”
“I see,” said the daughter “do you have any clothes?”
“Only the ones I have on” explained the mother.
“We better get shopping then”
“I’d love that” smiled the mother.
The pair went shopping and became one of the sexiest mother and daughter combinations on the planet. They both couldn’t possibly be happier

This Isn’t Good

They’re breasts. I have breasts. They weren’t there before. What’s on my shoulder? I put my hand to my shoulder to examine the scene. It was hair. That’s strange because I have short hair. I sit on a seat in the pool and cross my legs as I think. I’d never found crossing my legs so comfortable. Something’s not right. I put my hand down to investigate. I’m so comfortable because I have a pussy my dick is gone. I am a woman. Something’s in the pool. Someone has contaminated the pool. This isn’t good. I don’t want to be a woman I’m a man. This isn’t good.


January 13, 1989
Ted was a member in an occult group. They’d regularly meet up and pray to their god, tefag’havok. While the name sounded like someone on the internet just smashed the keyboard randomly and then added vocals to make it somewhat pronounceable, tefag’havok actually existed. Tefag’havok however was not a god, but a demon who wanted to return to the real world and Ted’s occult club was close to doing so.
“I shall summon you, our lord and master tefag’havok!” their leader screamed and all the members raised their arms to praise their supposed god. Tefag’havok needed a body to inhabit, and while the leader wanted to be that body, Tefag’havok wanted otherwise. Tefag’havok was actually a female demon, which is why I avoided the use any pronouns, as that would have given that fairly obvious surprise away. Tefag’havok wanted a female body and began to search for the most feminine member of the group, as there were no actual females there. As soon as she saw Ted she began to focus her chaos energy and began to merge some of the surrounding members with Ted, to create the perfect host. A few seconds later the demon created a busty, huge-boobed (and huge-nippled) woman with long hair that was drifting in the wind out of Ted and a few surrounding men. Ted felt that he was the one, tefag’havok wanted to inhabit and was grateful and praised her even more, until he felt the demon entering his body.
“I’m back”, tefag’havok, the sex demon said and began to emit her infamous pheromones that let her control men, and there were still some there to please her.

Dark Master (17)

“Look, Mister, um… Master… I-I’m sorry for not letting you in the club a minute ago. I swear I didn’t know who you were! I’m… I’m just a bouncer okay? I was just doin’ my job…” Read more

Having Them is a Curse

“Sometimes having boobs this big is a curse. Sometimes,” I had said, winking at the flat-chested girl at the bar as I walked away with the guy she had been hitting on. How was I supposed to know she was a witch, and would show me what a real curse was? Read more