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How Cute

I’d only turned him into a girl a few hours ago and all he did was moan and complain, but as soon as he thought he was alone just look how girly he’s acting, I new he secretly loved it, just wouldn’t admit it

Just got hired (New job 1)

The job offer said I would have to wear a costume of some sorts. When I applied, I thought I would have to wear a costume of a hairy videogame character or cartoon. I was handed a box, my employeer told me “Here’s your costume. I’llwait outside, come out when you’re ready”. Read more

A new beginning (New job 2)

I took a cab, which in this body was quite easy. On the way back, I inspected the purse I was given. It didn’t have much, just a girly cellphone, some cash, some keys, and an id. “Must be part of the costume” I thought. When the cab parked outside my home I realized I didn’t have my keys, “shit my backpack. All my stuff is in there.” That meant I didn’t have my cellphone either, “how am I going to call them?”. I got the girly cellphone out, but none of the numbers there looked familiar. Then I got the id out, it had my picture, well, that of the bodysuit. I looked at the address, and asked the cab driver to take me there. Read more

Against his will

“Stop it! I am not a girl!” my friend James kept yelling. I had just used a spell on him. I transfromed him from a geeky looking guy to a really hot blonde girl. “Take off your clothes, and put on these schoolgirl outfit on” I told him as I handed him his new clothes. “I don’t want to” he said. But the spell was making him do so against his will. “I guess I should stop calling you James, you look more like a Jane” I said while she was taking off her clothes. She had the body of a goddess. But she was acting like a spoiled boy more than a hot girl. “You are a sexy woman, act like one!” I told her. She started dressing herself while posing sexy. “Please, I don’t want to. Turn me back” Jane kept repeating. Read more