A taste of your own medicine

I don’t think he remembers me. I am sure he has done what he did to me to a lot of people. Let me explain, two years ago, I met this man, his name is John, or at least that is what he called himself back then. He used a spell on me, in a matter of minutes I was transformed into a really hot woman, and worst of all, a bimbo. He had sex with me, and I enjoyed it. The next day, he was nowhere to be seen. And I was now a sex-crazed bimbo. For a year or so, I slept with any guy I could find. But one day, I met Amy, a witch that broke part of the spell. My IQ came back, my memory came back, but I was still a hot blonde.

Amy helped me plan revenge at John. We looked for him for several months, until last week I found him. I was dressed in really short shorts, and a brown sweater when I went to talk to him. I pretended to still be a bimbo. I was all over him. We came back to my place, I followed Amy’s instructions and prepared a special drink, “cheers” I said. As John drank from it, I saw his expression change. “Oh shit!” he said. “That’s right, a taste of your own medicine” I told him. I saw him change, his face, his chest, his hair, his whole body was now feminine. He started speaking weird “Oh my gawd! this is how it feels like!? I feel so hooooot”. His IQ was dropping down, he was a bimbo. He had long red hair. I just looked at him, now her. “I hope you enjoy your new life… Ginger”. I don’t think she was paying attention at me anymore. She was fingering herself and moaning.

I just smiled. Revenge is sweet. After she was done I kicked her out of my place, and never heard from her again.


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