Added to the Collection

I was shocked. I walked into the bedroom and there was my wife, legs spread wide. She didn’t even seem to notice I was there as she moaned and writhed in greasy pleasure beneath the muscular stranger kneeling between her thighs. HE noticed my arrival however… But it didn’t seem to phase him as he looked up at me with a strangely piercing gaze as he continued to pound his long, thick shaft into my wife. For some reason, I found it impossible to make eye contact with this man who was screwing my wife right in front of me and despite the outrage I felt, I couldn’t seem to bring myself to voice my displeasure.

The man continued to stare, holding me captive in his gaze while his powerful hips slammed his meaty pole into my wife again and again. The sounds of her passion rang in my ears as I just stood there helplessly like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

A sinister grin spread across the man’s face and in a smooth, baritone voice, he spoke. “Mmmm, you’ll make a fine slave indeed. Come, join us my little slut.”

Upon hearing that word, I suddenly found myself compelled to look into his eyes and the moment I did, my entire world changed. Slowly, I began to step forward, my eyes locked onto his. Meanwhile, I was dimly aware of everything around me seeming to grow larger, of a subtle but undeniable loosening of my clothing. I felt my feet, now small and dainty, come right out of my shoes as I took another step. My slacks fell down around my ankles, revealing legs that were smooth and hairless, joined soon after by my boxers.

His expression grew increasingly pleased as I took another step, leaving behind my pants and underwear. “You’re coming along nicely, my dear.” he intoned watching me tremble slightly as my now-exposed manhood began to shrink. My testicles converted into ovaries as they were drawn back into my body while the soft folds of a feminine flower gradually swallowed up my rapidly shrinking cock. By the time I managed another step my newly minted pussy had already grown warm and moist with arousal.

With a series of soft pops, my hips widened into more feminine proportions accentuating the lovely new curves of my rounded ass and thighs. The sleeves of my shirt had all but swallowed my now delicate hands but, the buttons soon began to pop as a sudden pressure in my chest produced a pair of firm, generously sized breasts. A soft moan caught in my throat, not unlike the sounds made by the girl Master was fucking as my breasts exploded into existence earning me a nod of approval from Him.

“Good girl. Shed the remains of your old life and take your place before me. “

I gripped the shirt and pulled the final few buttons apart, letting the garment slip off of my smooth shoulders as my hair quickly flowing down to softly drape over them. Moving forward the last few steps, I crawled onto the bed and over the other girl, I felt her hands come up to hook around my thighs, stopping me as she pulled my hips downward, I gasped as I felt the warmth of her tongue slip in between my nether lips. A shiver of passion ran through me as I slowly settled myself, kneeling over her face and hefted my tits in offering to Master as he smiled down at the newest slut in his collection.


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