Helping a couple of friends

Through the dizzying pleasure radiating throughout my body, I took a moment to think about how I’d had gotten here.

I had met Kelly in law school. She was brilliant, driven, and highly organized. When I introduced her to I friend, Matthew, I had no idea they’d hit it off as much as they did. Their relationship advanced quickly and within 6 months of graduation and her and my passing the bar, Kelly and Matthew were married.

The thing is, Kelly was so highly organized, she had wanted to be married by the time she was 26. We were all 25 when they were married, so it met with her plans. This is not to say she didn’t love Matthew. Quite the opposite; they were madly in love. But, Kelly had life goals and a preferred schedule for meeting those goals.

Out of law school, she had accepted a position with a prominent law firm. It paid well and she was on track for partner. I was too … for a time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the hectic and absorbing life of a lawyer working for a big firm. Kelly reveled in it. Once I had moved to a smaller firm with less stress, I actually spent more time with Matthew than Kelly did. It was her choice and Matthew respected it. Of course, her work life created a conflict with her so-to-speak life plan.

Kelly wanted to have her first child before she turned 30. She recently turned 29 and her work load didn’t provide much opportunity to slow down and have a baby in the coming few years. She realized she couldn’t possibly have a child within the next year and still remain on the partner track at her firm. That’s where I came in.

Exploring the darker parts of the Internet, Kelly came upon something called the Medallion of Zulo. She hired a private investigator to track it down, which he successfully did in less than a month. Neither I nor Matthew knew any of this when she invited me over for dinner one Sunday evening. After dinner, she told us about the medallion and her plan: she wanted me to use the medallion to turn myself into a copy of her and bare their child. Matthew and I admittedly thought her nuts. I left in a huff and Matthew proceeded to give Kelly the cold-shoulder during the following week.

In the days following the dinner, I kept thinking about it. I thought Kelly had lost it; wanting to use some jewelry she claimed was magical to turn me into her, essentially, so I could have her and Matthew’s baby. It was crazy. And yet, I have to admit the thought was uncomfortably sexy as well. It was taboo and so wrong. But qualified, I guess as a fetish. Of course, I had no intention of bringing it up with Matthew or Kelly ever again.

However, curiosity must have gotten the better of Matthew as he showed up to my apartment the following Saturday with the medallion Kelly had been talking about. He said he was curious to see if it would actually work; not that he wanted me to have his child. He promised me court-side seats to an upcoming basketball if I’d humor him. I agreed; not thinking anything would happen.

He hadn’t brought anything of Kelly’s, but I happened to have a pair of running shorts my last girlfriend had left at my place. She was gorgeous, with long-blonde hair, a thin waste, runner’s legs, and a considerable posterior. She was also 5 years younger than us; at only 24. I grabbed the shorts in one hand, the medallion in the other, and rubbed them together. Instantly, I felt a tingle run through my body. Within seconds, I felt myself becoming shorter. My hair lightened from its usual brown to a dirty blonde. My t-shirt felt baggier, hanging lower on me than it had just moments before. The legs of my sweatpants were beginning to pool around my feet. I was turning into an exact copy of my ex.

Matthew was a stunned as I was. His mouth open, he didn’t say a thing as he watched me become a woman. Out of curiosity, I pulled off my t-shirt and tossed it onto the floor. On my chest, I was developing perky b-cup breasts. If not for the swelling of my ass, I’m sure my sweatpants would have fallen off. I shimmied out of them. My boxer-brief quickly followed. I stood there, completely naked, as my change finished up. Looking down, past my breasts, I could see the new flatness of my stomach, the curvature of my waste, and the hint of my hairless new sex.

“I don’t believe it,” said Matthew. “You look exactly like Becky.” There was no arguing with him. I was speechless. Matthew approached me and I didn’t really acknowledge him at first. It was only when he asked me if I was alright that I looked up at him, suddenly towering over my by more than half a foot.

“I’m … fine.” I said, staring up at him. ‘This is a bit weird.” He slowly reached up and moved some stray strands of blonde hair out of my face, tucking them behind my right ear.

“You’re incredibly beautiful,” he said. I felt another tingle. It wasn’t the magic thought. This tingle was accompanied by a warm feeling in my stomach and between my legs. I was turned on. From the growing bulge in his jeans, I could tell Matthew was feeling likewise. We stared at one another, not saying a word, for what felt like minutes. Then, he tentatively leaned down to me and kissed me. That was it for me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kept him there. It wasn’t long before his clothes were off and I had him naked on my couch.

As I bounce up and down on his shaft, I can’t help but think that while I might not look like Kelly, there’s a good chance I can provide her with a baby before she’s 30


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