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Test subject

The future started with the creation of the nanobot, the ultimate technology, able to do nearly anything, and like any new technology it took a while for society to accept it, but once they did the addiction started. it used to be only the rich who had access due to it being absurdly expensive, but who wouldn’t pay for absolute control over your body.
But after the company that was holding a monopoly of the market BioBots started to produce less expensive bots the public got their hands on it.
and that put the public into the controlling hands of BioBots. the CEO Sam Poice
is known for using his family as the first test subjects of nanobots (which killed them) and when they found out he simply threatened to take away all bots, and the shut public up. Read more

The bracelet

I knew he hated it. But he had no choice, ever since I had placed that bracelet on his arm, he had no choice but to follow my every command. First I told him to become a woman, his body reshaped, and changed into one of a girl that looked like his sister. I then showed her a picture, and told her to become a copy of the girl in the picture. Read more

Added to the Collection

I was shocked. I walked into the bedroom and there was my wife, legs spread wide. She didn’t even seem to notice I was there as she moaned and writhed in greasy pleasure beneath the muscular stranger kneeling between her thighs. HE noticed my arrival however… But it didn’t seem to phase him as he looked up at me with a strangely piercing gaze as he continued to pound his long, thick shaft into my wife. For some reason, I found it impossible to make eye contact with this man who was screwing my wife right in front of me and despite the outrage I felt, I couldn’t seem to bring myself to voice my displeasure. Read more

All tied up

“My wife won’t let you go with it” I said as she gagged me. “Of course she will, this was her idea. When I told her how you were always smacking me and trying to sleep with me. She told me to do this”. Read more

Fighting it

I ran from my captors. They had just turned me into a chick. I was able to run away before the mind alteration kicked in. I cried for help. I got to a man, “please help me” I said. “How can I help you? what’s wrong?” he said. “Those men” I said pointing back “are trying to abduct me”. Read more