Changed my mind

There was a time in my life when I really wasn’t happy with my shape shifting powers. I felt like a freak, couldn’t show it to anyone, didn’t know what to do with it. For a while I completely avoided using them, thought it would make me feel better, more normal.
But when I hit a difficult time and started running out of money, an idea popped into my head. All these girls online making money by just posing in front of a camera. I could be a hot girl, I could be any hot girl to be specific.
So I set up an account, bought a cheap camera and went at it. At first I transformed into a cute blonde a few times a week, but soon I started getting adventurous, transforming into different women and interacting more with the audience. I began even going outside as some of these women. I changed my mind about this ability.
The beautiful brunette I am right now is a relatively new addition to my selcetion, but she was an instant hit. After her second show, I got a message from an agent, and with his help I now have a very lucrative modeling contract. In the meantime I upgraded my equipment several times and am now running one of the most popular camgirl services worldwide, nearly all by myself.


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