Second base

I have been trying to get to second base with my girlfriend. She says is too soon. I told her I was getting tired of this, that we have been together for one year and we haven’t even gotten to second base!

She looked at me with the angriest look on her face, her eyes turned red, and she said some latin words. Everything went black. I couldn’t hear or see anything, I just could feel that I was on the floor. Then, I heard her voice “Oh, there you are!”, I felt her hand all over my body, her hand over my WHOLE body, she picked me up and said “you wanted to touch my breast, well, now you can hold them, you are now my bra”. I was scared, I thought “I am not a bra”. She put me on, and said “don’t try to speak, no one can hear you, only me, and YOU ARE MY BRA, and you like holding my breasts, you will always be my bra”

At that moment I knew I was her bra, and I love her breasts, I must hold them, they feel so great, I will always be here for my love.

She touched me, pressed her breast against me, and my love said “I hope you don’t mind, now I need a new boyfriend, and if he behaves, I will let him get to second base, if not, I can always use a new thong”

I heard what she said, but all I could think was “breast, I love breasts”


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