Temptations and mistakes.

Inside the box was a small thing. Slick and dark, it was topped with a common USB plug and the only thing that hinted at its contents were the small letters engraved onto it in a flowing silvery script: MPC.

Out of curiosity, I plugged it in my laptop. A prompt appeared asking if I wanted to give permission to MasterPC.exe to access some features on my computer. I clicked yes to everything untill a loading bar appeared and slowly filled up.

I had recieved the large box this morning. No letter, no explanation, no sender adress. Just the box and the USB key. Were I a more careful person, I would have left the box alone. But as it was, curiosity was one of my great flaws…

As soon as the installer closed, the program opened with the “scanning” mention flashing in the middle of the screen for a second.

Along with the apparent 316 other nearby subjects I could select, a very accurate image of myself appeared on screen with a plethora of sliders and options. I had no idea what it was. A 3d modelizer maybe?

I tried playing around a little, chuckling as I saw the image of me on screen react when I pushed the /fat slider to the maximum, balooning out to an impossible size.

When I clicked on the gender button i recieved a message saying that all sliders would be adjusted to reflect the subject’s new gender. I clicked ok dismissively and went back to the program.

My picture on screen was replaced by one of a girl. Cute, pretty even. So that’s what this program claims I would look like as a girl?

I began to tweak her appearence; Perky breasts, flat stomach, toned tights… I must admit I went a little wild when I got to the mental options. I slid her IQ down and her libido to max along with sensitivity. I recieved multiple warnings from the program saying that the subject would have trouble accomplishing basic tasks but I didn’t care, this wasn’t real right?

I put checkmarks beside a slew of fetishes and kinks, making her a submissive exhibitionnist who was boy-crazed and liked toys (among many other things).

The program kept telling me to confirm the changes, so I did.

The next instant, I found myself like this. My thighs were slightly apart and a strange wetness began to fill me. I felt so tiny and weak and… horny.

If I still knew how a computer worked, maybe I could have reversed this.


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