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A new beginning (New job 2)

I took a cab, which in this body was quite easy. On the way back, I inspected the purse I was given. It didn’t have much, just a girly cellphone, some cash, some keys, and an id. “Must be part of the costume” I thought. When the cab parked outside my home I realized I didn’t have my keys, “shit my backpack. All my stuff is in there.” That meant I didn’t have my cellphone either, “how am I going to call them?”. I got the girly cellphone out, but none of the numbers there looked familiar. Then I got the id out, it had my picture, well, that of the bodysuit. I looked at the address, and asked the cab driver to take me there. Read more

Introducing Jane

Jane is our thirthteen test subject. She volunteered two weeks ago, back then she was known as James. He was a 40 year old man, that had just gone through a bad divorce, he lost everything. Of course he didn’t know what was in store of him when he signed up. All he knew was that we offered him a new life, a fresh start. After he signed the papers, we proceeded with his body modification. This time, it only took us 3 days to alter his body completely. Sadly, the mental modifications are still taking us a week or so. But as you can see right now, Jane thinks she has always been a woman. She is ready to please her master. So, shall we start the bid, does anyone offer 10 thousand?