New found abilities

The truth is I don’t know how long I have had this ability. But it was only recently that I found out about it. I was with my best buddy James at the coffee shop. And we were both bored. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and thought about how much better this day would be if I were with my highschool crush right now. As I openned my eyes, I noticed James was gone, replaced by none other that Amy, my highschool crush.

I couldn’t believe it. “Amy?” I asked. To which Amy replied, “Where?” and looked around. I realized it was James with Amy’s body. “James? haven’t you noticed?” I asked him. “Notice what?” he replied. “Your face, your body” I said pointing at his breasts. He looked at his hands, and almost dropped the coffee cup when he saw his new hands. “What? why?” he asked. “How is this possible?” he said, and touched his neck, he must have finally realized his voice was off. “I don’t know!” I said, “All I did was think about Amy, and you transformed into her” I said.

We left the coffee shop, and walked to his place. Once inside, we looked for his condition online, but found no info. He did panic, and I promised to help him. I stayed at his place and waited for him to fall asleep. It was weird, but I carried him to his bedroom. I couldn’t believe it, Amy was on my arms, sleeping. Well, I know it isn’t really Amy, but she sure looks like her.

I left him on his bed, and went back to his living room couch. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath again, “how I wish he would accept the changes” I thought. The next morning, he woke me up. James was in a good mood. “James? your half naked” I said. “Yes” he giggled, “but while we get this fixed, you should call me Amy”.

Amy was wearing one of James shirt’s, and his boxers. I could see her nipples erect. She handed me some money. “For the time being, I can’t dress like a man. Please go buy me some girly clothes” she said. As I was about to leave her place, she yelled, “something cute and sexy”.

On my way to the store, I started thinking about it, I realized what had happened. “So, I close my eyes, take a deep breath, think something and it becomes true”. I bought her some clothes, even some sexy lingerie. On my way back, I thought about trying something else, but I waited until I was back at James’s… Amy’s place. I unlocked the door, and entered. Amy was topless playing videogames. “Oh there you are. What did you buy me?” I handed her the bags. “Oh wow” she said. While she looked at her new clothes, I went through the whole wishing motion again, and thought “Amy finds me attractive”.

Amy dropped her new clothes, and walked towards me, and kissed me on the cheek, “Thanks!”. She stood there without saying nothing, and then kissed me on my lips. “I don’t know why I did that…” she said while feeling embarrased. I smiled and kissed her back. She jumped on my arms, and wrapped her legs around me. We started making out. I took her to her bedroom where we had sex. It was a little weird, afterall she wasn’t used to being the girl on a relationship. But I know she did enjoy it. She was all sweaty, and moaned like crazy.

Afterwards we cuddled for a while. She went on telling me how much she loved me, and how she didn’t want to go back. Which turned out perfect for me. And about my abilities? well, I am being carefull with them, but I am slowly working my way up at work.


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