A housewife now (dedicated to Awruk88)

I stared at my husband as I stroked and sucked his dick. It was quite enjoyable, but my mind also started to wander- a month ago I was a 16 year old boy-named Martin- and I could never have imagine this is where I would be a month later.

How did I end up a 35 year old house wife, Judy, who is madly in love with her new husband?

Well it all starts with the actions of my 18 year old daughter, who was at the time my mother.
It is weird having my former son now in my body, and now my mother. And it was an odd series of events that got us here.

You see, I was dealing with a bit of depression. Martin’s father had passed away when he was quite young, and I worked incredibly hard to raise him well. By the time he was a teenager he had a serious attitude problem though. He seemed to constantly blame me for everything wrong in his life. He didn’t appreciate the work I did to raise him so well. And he didn’t appreciate the sacrifices I made being mother to a teenage son- one of those being that I hadn’t dated anyone in ages because I didn’t want to have that bother him.

So one day I was out shopping, trying to clear my head. When I happened upon a store called Bella’s. The clerk seemed to understand my problems better than I did myself. She asked if I was ready to start a new life and help my son understand the things I dealt with. I practically shouted Yes in reply. She offered me a special tea, and told me to pour a cup for both me and Martin tonight, and by the next day we would be on our way to a better relationship.
I thought it was weird that my mom was offering me tea. But I didn’t want to be mean, she was obviously upset. So I took it, it had a very weird after taste. And suddenly both my mom and I felt quite sleepy, so we called it an early night and crashed.

I was awoken by a scream from my mom’s room, and quickly rushed over to see if she was ok. As soon as I got in there I noticed that the person screaming looked nothing like my mother. But rather like an 18 year old girl. Once my adrenaline stopped going I realized something else- I looked at my reflection in my mom’s full length mirror and saw not myself- but my mother.

“What the heck is going on?” I asked this stranger in my mom’s room.
“It really worked! Is that really you in there Martin?” she answered.
“Yes, so how in the heck am I you now mom?” I was curious, but strangely not that upset.
“I didn’t think magic was real, but there is no other way to explain it. I wanted you to appreciate my life, and now you definitely will. And I get to start over again…I’m so young and sexy. Not that you aren’t sexy for a 35 year old though…now did this change other things?” she said as she started to look around.

Sure enough, our entire world seemed to have adjusted. My room was filled with different clothes. My recently earned drivers liscence was replaced with a copy of my mothers. And more importantly we figured out that my mother was now my daughter, Mary, who was 18 and home from College on Spring break.

Strangely I was not able to get upset. I missed my old life as Martin, but something in the back of my head seemed to be reassuring me that this life is what I was meant to live.

Over dinner, Mary pointed out that I had a engagement ring, and as we continued to dig into the memories of our new lives, I realized that in this new life, I was engaged to one of mom’s coworkers- Brett. We were actually to get married while Mary was home. I was shocked, but Mary promised to help me adjust. We spent the whole day and evening chatting- much like any normal Mother and Daughter would- it just seemed natural.
It was weird to see Martin adjust to being in my old body. It was even weird the next day when Brett, my soon to be step dad, came over for breakfast. I watched as he grabbed Martin, and began to kiss her. She actually seemed to enjoy it. I realized it was time to adjust to calling her Judy, she was me, and she had a new life to adjust to.

We spent the next few days bonding as Mother and Daughter, and helping her get ready for her wedding. It was really strange to watch my old body look so beautiful in a wedding dress. Judy even began to cry a bit. I was to be her maid of honor as well. This new life was surely different.
As I walked down the aisle in my dress, I felt so beautiful, and everything felt so right. But I also knew that there was no going back now. I smiled at Mary, and walked towards Brett. He looked so handsome, and I felt so attracted to him.

And that night, in our honeymoon suite, I found out that he was also amazing in bed. My first orgasm as a woman erased any doubts that I wasn’t meant to be a woman. Having my husband inside of me was the best feeling in the world.
My mom called me at college when they returned from the honeymoon. She thanked me for buying that tea. She told me her honeymoon was amazing, and hoped I would find love in my new life as well.

I pulled out my phone and hopped on a hookup app- I don’t know about love, but I sure will enjoy a hookup!.

So that my friends, is how I went from 16 year old Martin, to this beautiful wife sucking her husbands dick. Hope you enjoyed my story.


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