This hole

Manuel held up a donut and said: “You mean this hole?” His roommate Kyle shook his head. “How about this hole?” Manuel asked, forming a perfect ‘O’ with his mouth. Again the answer was negative. “What about this gap between my tits, ya interested?” Again Kyle just shook his head.

Exasperated, Manuel complained: “Then what the hell do you want, Kyle? Say something and stop shilly-shallying! Look, I didn’t get placed in this body by being timid; it was just the goddamn FOSE, okay? So I jerked off at the wrong place at the wrong time. But at least I had lusts! I still have lusts and now I am hot and bothered…so tell me what you want!”

Kyle opened up the floodgates and said: “I wanna take you from behind, then have you ride me while I eat that donut that’s in your cute little hands. Then maybe a titty-fuck so I can splash my cum on your face. There, I’ve said it, Manny. Are you happy now?”

Manuel smiled and got down on all fours, his pussy glistening with moisture. “Come on and take me if you can,” he said. “Fancy a hole-in-one?”


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