Percy stood there in the maid uniform and put his right hand on his hip to protest.

“I thought we had an agreement!” he said, but he felt compelled to quietly add: “Mistress,” and he reached down with his left hand to feel where his precious cock used to be.

Katerina lounged on the couch and inclined her head as she answered: “Well, after you lost your job and kept lazing around, we did agree that you would at least clean the house. Why not in the form of a Japanese maid?” she said, and then she had another thought that started her fingers waggling.

“No! I am the man of the house,” Percy said, stamping his foot, “and I will not…kore wa nani? Anou ne, dou nasaimasu ka?” he squeaked, suddenly aware that he could barely speak English anymore and feeling fearful of his precarious position as both a maiden and the maid of the house.

“Sweep up, little Naomi,” said Katerina. “Sweep and then come see me for more instructions,” she said, reaching for her 10-inch long dildo.

“Hai,” the new Naomi said. “Ai…sweep.”


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