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A Forced Night Out

“Keep smiling or I make your tits bigger, Nathan.” My girlfriend whispered into my ear, holding the gun she changed me with behind my back. “My not so manly boyfriend has some pretty impressive breasts, but I’m sure the guys here would love it if your tits were bigger.” Read more

Double affair

Between Kyle and his girlfriend Cindy things weren’t going quite well. Their relationship was becoming dull and lacked of passion. As much as they tried to improve it their efforts have come to nothing. Read more

Break up

I’m sorry about this James but it was the only way i could get back to being a guy. I really feel terrible for stealing your body. You were so nice to me but in order to lift the curse i had to trully fell in love with someone. Its also hard for me but i was stuck in a girl’s body for 20 years. Can you imagine suddenly becoming a 5 year old girl? You can hate me now but what choice do i have. We had some amazing moments together and i will recall them for the rest of my life but now it’s time we part away. I truly loved you but it’s better that we go our separate ways. I hope you quickly adjust to this body, you’re really beautiful and smart so you won’t have a problem with finding someone else. Take care of this body, i sure will take good care of yours. Oh, and just in case if you think about passing the curse on someone else, don’t bother. The curse can be passed to someone you love but it works until your 25th birthday which is tomorrow. I doubt you will find love in one day so it’s better to give up. Good bye James. Have fun in your new life as Erica.

Where are the rings?

Ha ha, very funny Maddie, now tell me where did you hid the rings.
No, it’s not fun anymore. Sure it was at first, using the reversal rings to swap bodies. I enjoyed pretending to be you for a day or two but two months is enough don’t you think?
What!? I already gave you a blowjob! Come on, what else is there for me to expirience? I lived as you for two months. I dressed up in your clothes, i learned how to do make up, i took care of your body enough to know everything about it, hell i even went through your period and had sex with you!
Well, it was amazing, i can’t deny it but i don’t want to be penetrated by my own dick.
So are we swapping back?
Why are you smiling?
What do you mean you like it more? Come on Maddie.
What!? You… No! I don’t belive you. You wouldn’t throw away the rings, right? Maddie, please tell me you’re joking

Bringing her back

A couple of months ago, Emily, my girlfriend Jenny and I were driving across town. I got distracted for a couple of seconds, and skipped a red light. We crashed, the car was completely damaged, Jenny and I weren’t even scratched, but sadly, Emily was injured, and a couple of hours later, at the hospital, she passed away. Read more

Turned Him Into A Slut

I was tired of it, this time he had gone too far. I walked in from work to see my boyfriend Dan on the couch with his bestfriend Vince playing a video game. That part didn’t piss me off. The fact that when I walked in he said, “hey girl can you hurry and make me some dinner, daddys getting hungry.”
“Excuse me” I responded.
“Vince and I are hungry so take your little ass to the kitchen and cook us something.”
I was furious but what Dan didn’t know was that the women in my family were witches. Before I moved I recited a spell in my head.
The game was paused as the transformation began. Dan’s hair turned from light blonde to brunette, his body started to ache as it got smaller. His hair began to grow along with his chest. His waist became narrow, his feet dainty along with his hands, both now manicured and pedicured. His body lost all the hair it previously had and makeup was applied to his face. I left the final change for last. As the change finished I allowed him to look up to me and down on himself.
“What the Fuck just happened!” I giggled at his predicament, Vince just stared in awe.
“I’m a witch asshole, you think you can just make me do whatever you want cause I’m a woman, well guess what.” It was then that I started his final change into womanhood, his balls shrunk to where they were non existent, then his penis followed till it became a tiny little slit.
“There now your 100% female bitch” i mocked. Now fearful of my power he just lied there and asked, “what now”. I gave him a sly smile as I recited another spell in my head.
My body began to churn as it got taller. My breasts reduced to become flat, in their place a muscular, hairy chest. My legs and arms grew muscle and the hair on my head shortened. My shoulders became broader and my stomach gained tone. I made sure to take off my pants for the next change. Dan stared at my pussy as a testicle dropped out, a second later a second testicle dropped, the skin that used to be my slit closed up and in its place my penis began to grow. 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches. It kept growing, Dan could only watch as my now 8 inch dick stared her in the face.
“Vince, I can change you too” his penis grew 2 more inches from 5 inches to 7 inches. And his body became more toned. He looked down his pants at his new asset and was ecstatic. “Thanks” he exclaimed to me “don’t mention it, you were always sweet.”
“Dan its time for your last change, now that I’m the man of the house, and your the bitch, you are going to cook me and vince some dinner, first though I’m gonna make sure you know your place.
Your new name is Dayna, since you were 10 years old you wanted to be a hooters waitress and now that your 20 your living your dream, thats where you met me your boyfriend Tony, you love to please me but tonight I brought over my old friend Vince for a three way which you would be happy to be the center of. You love cock, you crave it, ever since you stuck your first dick in your pussy your freshmen year of high school, you knew you wanted to live to please a man. You are a submissive bitch who listens to every sexual command I give you. You will do as you’re told and you will love it.” She snapped out of her trance. She stripped of her clothes which had changed when she did leaving only her stockings.
“So like are you guys gonna fuck me or am I just gonna have to do it myself?” I picked her up in my new strong arms and felt how light she was. I threw her on the bed and she opened her legs, “Vince, you can fuck her first” he had no opposition fucking his former best friend with his new cock.
As I watched from above she grabbed my dick in her new manicured hand and told me she wanted it in her mouth.

thats nice

Ever since the role exchanger hit shes been coming up to me at random tomes. I try to resist but the way she makes me feel is amazing. I love her fingers in my pussy.