The Body Change App

My phone turned blue when i pressed transform. My girlfriend started to grunt, her voice becoming deeper, she began to grow, becoming at least a foot taller than she had been. Her legs gained more muscle along with the rest of her body. Hair showed up in places it had never been before. Her breasts began to reduce, muscle forming creating a toned muscular chest. Her hair darkened and shortened and her face changed. The last thing to go was her vagina. I could tell she knew it was coming. After one final grunt, she was a he.
He stared into the mirror at his new body. “Damn, thats what I’m talkin’ about” he pulled down his new boxers and whipped out his dick. 8 inches and girthy. Turning to me he said. “Can I see that app?”
He clicked away on the phone. When he was done he pointed to me. “Every guy should have a sexy girlfriend.”
I began to shrink, it was like electricity running through my body I began to grunt as the changes took place. I was losing height fast, i could feel my hair getting longer and my face changing faster than his did. My grunts became moans as my voice changed. My ass balooned out as my stomach became flat. My chest ballooned out becoming low C cups. My toes became pink along with my perfectly manicured hands. My stomach began to tingle as I felt changes, ovaries formed and my penis began to melt away. My clothes changed too. My shirt becoming a white lingerie bra and my boxers becoming matching panties.
“Wow, im fucking gorgeous” I said looking at my new body in the mirror and looking at my boyfriends cock.
I laid down on the bed where he followed me. After getting used to the sensations I had, I stripped naked and began caressing his dick, wanting it to fill me and make me a true woman.


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