Try, try again

“Something is wrong, Rick. You said it would fix this, but it seems like the stuff you gave me only made my breasts bigger,” said John.

Rick smiled. That wasn’t the only thing it was doing. It was making John even sexier. Rick couldn’t believe his luck when his roommate John agreed to change into a woman to be his date for his brother’s wedding. But after the good time he had with John at the reception – not to mention the compliments both he and John got from the other guests – Rick decided he would make a better girlfriend than a roommate. So instead of giving John the antidote, Rick gave him another dose of the feminizing elixir.

“Hmmm. Maybe we didn’t use enough. Why don’t you take another sip?” suggested Rick.

“Really? You think so? Okay, if you say so. You are pretty smart,” said John with a girlish giggle as he took another chug of the liquid.

Rick smiled. The solution was designed to change the user into a bimbo, something he had concealed from John. Rick would have to be careful. He wanted John to look hot, but he didn’t want his girlfriend to be a complete idiot.

Rick watched as John’s body slowly grew more beautiful after taking the last sip. His breasts and ass swelled larger, his hips grew wider, his waist narrowed, his stomach flattened out and his face took on an almost angelic visage.

What the hell, thought Rick, one more sip wouldn’t hurt.


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