A different perspective

“Oh, baby, you are doing so good,” said Amy as she gave John a light kiss on his lips.

“But it feels so funny,” said John, looking down at his shrinking cock locked in the strange tube.

“Just a little bit longer,” said Amy with anticipation, looking down at her own slowly enlarging cock. “Just hold on a little bit longer and then we can have some fun.”

John moaned as he ejaculated. Amy noticed with some satisfaction that there was less semen this time. The process was working. John’s penis was slowly being transferred to her body, thanks to the magical device she had purchased from the strange magic shop. She felt her former ovaries now testicles begin to churn as they increased production of their own semen. Soon they would be ready to spill their seed. Her penis stretched longer and thicker, increasing in sensitivity as it grew. She could hardly wait to try it out.

“Oh, that was a big one. It felt so good,” said John.

“Just wait until you have your first female orgasm. It will blow your mind, ” said Amy.

“Then we change back, right?” asked John.

“Of course, of course. After I give my new toy a ride, ” said Amy as she stroked her growing cock. It was warm in her hands, and she could feel it pulsing and throbbing as it got longer. The sensation sent shivers down her spine. It was so responsive! It was like a giant clit. She didn’t know how guys kept from jacking off all day!

But soon she would. Poor John thought that he was only switching genitals with his girlfriend, Amy. She told him it would give him a new perspective on sex and help him be a better lover. The truth was that the device was slowly transferring his masculinity to her.

And John had so much masculinity to give. Amy’s new cock was already bigger than John’s old one – and it was still growing! John was so engrossed in his pleasurable orgasms he didn’t notice as his body became more androgynous, then gradually began to look more effeminate. He resembled a tomboy now, with small perky breasts and just the hint of an hourglass figure.

But that would soon change. Amy was now the same height as John, and the process was far from over. She remembered how she used to look up to her towering boyfriend, desperately dreaming of dominating him. She wanted to milk every ounce of masculinity out of him and leave him with nothing.

“Oh, here comes another one!” said John breathlessly as his tiny hard cock strained and released more seed.

Amy smiled. The orgasms were coming more frequently now and his semen was thin and watery. She felt her cock twitch as it gained inches in length and girth.

“Good boy, good boy, ” she said breathlessly.

But the magic was not done yet with her yet. She felt her whole body grow, inching taller and packing on dense muscle on her arms and legs. He breasts flattened against her broad chest. Her waist grew wider, developing a large six pack. Amy felt so big, so powerful. She wanted more!

Amy looked at John, watching him shrink a little as his waist grew more narrow and his hips expanded. She felt her body tingle as the hair that slowly retracted into John’s softening skin began to push out of her own roughening skin. She kissed him deeply, caressing his growing breasts and enlarging nipples in her large hand. John’s tiny nub of a penis twitched wildly, spewing nothing but watery vaginal fluid until it finished shrinking and his urethra sealed, becoming a small clitoris.

Having finished its purpose and with nothing left to hold onto, the clear tube fell off John’s body and clattered to the floor. He looked up at Amy in her large, powerful, chiseled male body.

“What… what now? ” he asked with confusion, his mind still dulled by the pleasurable transformation.

“Now we have some fun, ” said Amy in a deep baritone.

Amy could see that John was still horny. His clitoris and vagina were still engorged and swollen. He put up no resistance as Amy slid her large cock into his wet welcoming vagina, still excited and furiously lubricating itself. Amy needed to cum into John to complete the process. Then there would be no turning back for John.

Amy hoped John would stay with her and agree to her girlfriend. He had turned into a hot piece of ass! But if John wanted to act like a whiny bitch she would just find another sexy girl willing to satisfy her needs. With the body of an Adonis Amy didn’t think it would be a problem. The thought of all the luscious women she could fuck with her new humongous dick proved too much for her to handle. Amy lost control and ejaculated into John, sealing both their fates.


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