Tied up

The rope was magical in nature, meant to completely subdue whoever was caught in it and render them completely docile to their captors. Or so the label read. You had believed it a joke when your roommate showed it to you, laughed when he dared you to be tied up in it. You humouring Dan to use these complex and apparently useless knots all over your body was probably also because you had a buzz going.

The why’s don’t matter though, you felt it as soon as he tied the last knot… that shudder. It might’ve been because all your clothes were suddenly gone, but you knew deep down it was because of something else, something deeper.

Your struggles against the rope proved fruitless, and the more you fought the tighter they got. Your very body seemed to shrink with the tightening of the ropes, never quite giving the sensation of being completely taught over your skin… you didn’t pay attention until it was too late.

By the time you realised you had already shrunk down a full foot, and your hair had grown out blond and past your shoulders. Incredulity and shock caused your breath to hitch, your body hot with al the moving around but also because of… something else. As you look ‘up’ at Dan and moaned, feeling an all new sensation of longing between your legs.

You struggle against the notion, the very thought that this is the body of a woman, but just as with your body, the more you fight the more it changes you. The struggle against the acceptance of being a woman quickly shifts into a rebellion against the notion that you found males attractive, quickly followed by attempting to fight the idea that the asshole that had convinced your drunk mind into removing her panties was half as handsome as he clearly thought he was.

A shake of your head tells you something is wrong, but looking at Dan only the sense of needing to be free appears to pulse within you.

With a moan, you deny the reality that being tied up and left defenceless is arousing, but your pussy is telling of a different reality. You shudder and gasp against your constraints, trying your best to hide your arousal without effect. Biting your lower lip your thighs tighten and with one final breath you release it, admitting the truth of what Dan just showed you.

Slowly he pushed you to lay on the bed, and you comply eagerly.


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