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F.O.S.E. – A New Kind of Workplace

Vanessa (25) was an assistant for Richard (41), the CEO of a major company. She thought she was going to receive the business experience she was looking for. But like some attractive women in the workplace, she was temped into sexual relations with the promise of promotions and raises. Well one day, while she was giving Richard a blowjob, the moment he shot his load into her mouth, she felt something strange happen. As she opened her eyes, she was shocked to look down and see her face with a dick in its mouth, a dick now attached to her. Later they heard about the FOSE and Richard begged Vanessa to keep their swap a secret, fearing it would ruin his reputation. Vanessa smiled and agreed on one condition: that their workplace sexual relation remains unchanged.
A month later, while the world went back to a sense of normalcy, Vanessa was enjoying her new life. Sure she was now older and a man, but she was finally in charge of a company, was married to a beautiful trophy wife, and not to mention the daily blowjobs Richard gave her.


Victor had been having an extremely challenging day at school. All the exams he as a senior had to take in his AP and Honors classes really stressed him out. He just needed to relieve the stress the only way he knew how. Arriving home to a silent welcome, he knew he had the house all to himself.
He quickly went to his room and began masturbating. He was thinking of his history teacher, Ms. Smith, who’s classes were full of horny guys not paying attention to a single word that came out of her mouth. He couldn’t blame them, he also found Ms. Smith hot. When Victor was almost done, he felt strange and then his whole world spun around, and came to the feeling of a cock entering inside of him.
“Holy shit!” Victor screamed, but his voice wasn’t his anymore, he recognized the voice as Ms. Smith’s. He saw a man on top of him, and it was his school’s principle, Principal Scott. Before he could even react, the principle had filled his, or Ms. Smith’s, pussy with his semen.
“Now remember Ms. Smith, if you wanna keep your job, you should be expecting me at your door at around six o’clock after school.” And with that, the Principle Scott left the room, and then the house which belonged to Ms. Smith.
“Is Principal Scott blackmailing Ms. Smith?” would have been Victor’s first question if his first question wasn’t how he ended up in Ms. Smith’s body. He didn’t know what had happened and didn’t where he could look for help and answers.

The hot P.E teacher

Martin walked through the corridor feeling uneasy among the male students. He knew they were checking him out, every boy had a crush on Ms. Cullen, the hot P.E teacher. Martin also was all over her, that was before he ended up in her body. Few days earlier Martin fantasized about her while masturbating. When he was about to finish something terrible happened. It was the fose and thanks to it Martin had Ms. Cullen’s body all for himself. Sure he dreamed of getting his hands on her but being her was a completely different matter. Not only he had to deal with all those things that comes with being a woman. He also had to put up with her boyfriend at home and dozens of horny teenagers at school. Since Martin didn’t want anyone to know about this embarrassing accident he had to pretend he is the real Ms. Cullen. Read more

Accidental FOSE, Cascades of Joy

Jamie was extremely disturbed at first when he discovered he had Swapped into his sisters body after the FOSE. It just had to happen right when his mind had started wondering during a less-than-satisfying masturbation session. However, he soon discovered the joys of the female anatomy when combined with a heavenly flow of warm water. He couldn’t believe the feeling that were being transmitted from his new clit. Each new pulse of water sent shivers and shockwaves throughout this unfamiliar body. “A little fun won’t hurt while they try and figure out how to reverse this…” He thought to himself, as yet another orgasm rocked his sisters aroused body, and he could help but move his fingers to stimulate the already hyper clit some more. Little did he know at this point that the FOSE would never be reversed, and his sister, who had been swapped into his masturbating body and whose belly was now covered in cum from the orgasm she had just finished for him, was not going to be as pleased. Especially when the link as to who swap with who was discovered. Needless to say, thing were going to be veeeery awkward for a while…

You’re missing out

Masao wearily entered his dormitory room at Waseda University and was surprised to find two girls giggling, kissing and bumping breasts with each other on the bed. Actually, the more personally shocking reality for Masao was that he’d somehow swapped bodies with his girlfriend Mitsuko last night right when he came into her lustily. He and Mitsuko had spent the entire night trying to come to grips with this turn of events, and then she’d had to teach him how to put on her clothes and heels. Now he was bone-tired. Read more

Hold it

Perry pounded the ceiling with his right hand and tried to get his friend Rick to stop licking. Read more

No different

Nathan felt no different after the FOSE transformed him into a flat-chested girl that he’d worshiped while jerking off but now despised because he was wearing her body. He was determined to keep wearing the same cotton wife-beater undershirts that he’d always worn. Read more