Not Prepared for Whorehood!

Ted had wanted to be a whore for a long time, so when he found the one wish genie on a beach, he was excited.

“Genie I wish I was an ultra sexy super slutty whore with a massive sex drive,” said Ted.

The genie said, “Granted MISTRESS,” and vanished.

Suddenly Ted wasn’t on the beach, he was lying on a bed in a cheap hotel room with streams of hot cum hitting his face as big hairy well hung man called him, Trisha Trixxx.

Ted was not prepared for the huge load hitting his face, the smell of a man’s hot seed hitting his face, and the feel of it oozing about. It did turn him on however, and he exploded in orgasm, actually spraying his client back with his new pussy juices as he was now a squirter!

His first words as Trisha Trixxx, “Give a little get a little big boy, that will be $500!”

Trisha loved her new life, and her new motto was “so many men so little time”!


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