You won’t fail me again

“Wait you can’t do this!” Clark protested as two big guards dragged him on the balcony. He desperately tried to oppose but his tiny body was so weak he didn’t stand a chance against them, if only they didn’t transformed him. “Stay here” One of the guards said. Clark didn’t move, he wasn’t stupid, he know it will end bad for him if he tries something funny. “Mr. President, she is ready” The second guard said into his earphone. Few minutes later the president came in. Clark looked at him, pleading to end this madness. “Mr. President, i’m really sorry. I know i failed but this is too much” Clark said hoping the years of duty as the cheef of his security will convince him to change his mind. The president checked out Clark’s new body, nodding with appreciation. “Well done boys, she looks georgous” Clark wanted to say something but was immidiately interrupted. “Listen Clark. In my personal security there is no way to make such a mistake! you nearly got me killed thanks to your overlook” The president was mad. “B-b-but Mr. President…” Clark stuttered. “No buts young lady! You can’t be my guard but since you worked here for so long i just can’t throw you out like some kind of trash. I have a lot of symphaty towards you so you will stay here but as my daughter, understand!” The president stated. His words had some weird effect on Clark’s mind. He lowered his head in shame, giving up to the president’s authority “Yes daddy” Clark said softly. “Good. I don’t hate you but i had to give you a lesson. You are my daughter now and i expect from you to behave”. Clark nodded without saying a word. The president smiled and gave her a hug “Come Claire, let’s go home”.


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