Magic Watch 1

I found this watch on the kitchen floor in the restaurant that I worked at. It wasn’t anything special: just a plastic band with a digital face. It almost looked like one of those cheap watches you might win out of a claw game.

“Whose is this?” I asked, holding it up for everyone to see. No one claimed it. “Well, it’s mine now.” I put it on and got back to work.

Later in my shift, Maggie, a redheaded waitress at work whom I had a crush on, came back to the kitchen, her hair up in pigtails. She’s one of those girls who flirts with everybody but doesn’t really want anybody. She talks sweet to all the guys at work, but that’s all she does. No one has a chance with her.

She has a beautiful body and a cute face, but sometimes, I thought, I wished her breasts were bigger. And just as that thought crossed my mind, I noticed her shirt begin to push out in front of her as her former A cup breasts expanded to Cs.

I couldn’t help as I gasped, “Whoa,” staring at her.

Maggie wasn’t paying attention to me, though. She looked down and grabbed her chest. “Wha … wha … What’s going on?”

I could tell she was about to freak out, maybe start screaming or something, and I just wished she’d chill out and that no one else would freak out about it either. And once again, just after that thought crossed my mind, Maggie calmed down. She was clearly confused, but she got back to work as though everything were fine.

What’s stranger is that no one else remarked on her sudden grown spurt from a formerly flat-chested cutie to a woman with good-sized breasts. It began to dawn on me that the two wished I’d thought in my head had preceded both her breast growth and her calming down. I looked down at my new watch thinking it must be the cause of this.

To test my theory, I waited until Maggie and I both got off work after the restaurant closed. She was standing outside the building waiting on someone to pick her up. I went across the street where she couldn’t see me. I needed to think of something good, something fun for Maggie the flirt who never made time for any guy she flirted with.

Then I had it. Since none of us were going to get to see under those clothes any other way, I decided to wait until most of our coworkers were outside on the curb near her. Then I wished her shirt and bra would disappear. Suddenly they were gone and Maggie’s beautiful new breasts were on full display for all of our coworkers.


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