Years Later (Pranked Series)

It was a normal Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door it was the FedEx man with a package for me. I wasn’t expecting a package but maybe someone sent me a gift. I signed for it and brought it inside. When I opened the FedEx box, there was another box wrapped in cartoon paper and a note. The note was short, all it said was from John … this makes us even. I started going through my head of the John’s I knew and I finally figured it was most likely the guy I used to work with in high school. I remembered always teasing him and calling him girly when he couldn’t stock the shelves with the heavier items. Many times I played pranks on him such as calling cleanup on isle 4 even though there was nothing there.

I continued opening the package. Under the cartoon paper was a white box. I lifted the lid to reveal a pink dildo! Why on earth would John send me this? Just then my girlfriend comes into the room and ask “who was that sweetie?” I said the FedEx guy at the same time she sees me holding a white box with a pink dildo in it. Ali says “babe, is that for me?” and takes the pink dildo out of the box. She immediately became horny and started taking off her clothes. Her breasts were already firm and pussy was dripping wet. She even left juice drips on the floor as she went into the bedroom. Surprised by this turn of events I followed her into the bedroom to watch.

As soon as she laid on the bed she put the dildo in her pussy. She then started talking dirty like I’ve never heard before. She kept saying I’m such a slut, I love dick, I want to fuck every hot guy I see. After her first orgasm she took the dildo out and brought it to her mouth to taste herself. The moment she licked it she started changing. The changes were so small because she was already hot but I still noticed them. She appeared to get younger by a few years. Her boobs which were kind of saggy became fuller and pert. Her pussy lips always had this extra skin but now she has a perfectly shaped pussy and lips. It’s like all the little imperfections went away to leave every guys wet dream. Ali then put the dildo back in her pussy. She then says to me “Baby, come help me out, my arm is getting tired.”

I was already naked as I was masturbating watching her. I climbed into bed and got into the 69 position. She starts giving be the best blowjob of my life and I grab the pink dildo and start fucking her with it. God damn am I horny! My dick feels bigger than ever. I’m watching the pink dildo slide in and out of her pussy and can see her juices building up on it. God I just got to taste her! I pull the dildo all the way out and stick it in my mouth to suck on it. I was so busy suck and licking the dildo I didn’t even realize I had changed. I knew something was different as Ali was now licking me and my chest felt weird. It was like I had a boner but on my chest! My tits and nipples rubbed on her belly which turned me on even more.

I put the dildo back in my girlfriends pussy and the faster she licked my pussy the faster I fucked her with the dildo. We both came in no time. Leaving the dildo in her, I then turned around and climbed on top of her to kiss her. As we made out I felt my breasts touching hers. All the sudden I felt a strange sensation at my pussy. I felt something pressing against it. As Ali found my hole and shoved the dildo into my Vagina I became a bimbo. All I wanted to do was wear slutty clothes and have sex. I actually wanted to fuck guys!

Ali and I continued to have lesbian sex until we got so tired we passed out. When I woke up the following morning Ali was already in the shower. I couldn’t stop thinking about dicks. I looked over and on the bed-stand was the dildo. I had to have it inside me again. The feeling of being a woman is unbelievable and having your pussy filled is the best feeling ever. As I’m fucking myself with the dildo face down in the pillow Ali comes out of the bathroom and says after you cum we are going to dress in my sluttiest clothes and go find some guys to fuck. She took out her phone and started recording me just in time to catch me have an amazing orgasm.

Ok sugar-tits, time to get you showered up. You can’t go by Ted anymore, what shall we call you? I like when you call me sugar-tits, hehe, but I’m now Tiffy.


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