New You Processing Chamber (NYPC)

In the year 2055, some cities were able to install special machines in various hospitals that would allow you to change your appearance, or even your personality. However, they weren’t perfect, and as a result some pranksters took advantage of loose restrictions to trick their friends.

Dave was shoved into a prepaid machine by these so-called friends, and the doors locked behind him.

“Have fun in there!” They laughed as the doors closed.

“Let me out! This isn’t funny!” Dave pounded on the door. Then, the selection screen came on behind him.

<Welcome to the New You Processing Chamber. Please be advised that you will be able to leave the Chamber once the process has finished and it is safe to do so. Please answer the following questions, and we will get started:>

1. Are you straight, or other?

Dave scoffed, and selected [STRAIGHT]. “Can’t believe they put me in here. Maybe I can get out without too many changes if the selections are close enough to who I am now.”

2. Hair color? [BROWN] 3. Eye color? [HAZEL]

These selections went on for a while, with Dave just choosing the options that were closest to his real self. He hadn’t noticed any real changes yet.

17. Do you want to be skinny, fat, or obese?

Finally, an option that could be an improvement on his current self and not have him feel too bad.[SKINNY]

Upon selecting this option, he started to feel an actual change in his body. His body fat melted away like it was nothing. He felt much better.

18. What kind of girl are you?

“What kind of GIRL!? Is this a girl’s only booth they threw me in!? Holy shit, let me out, let me out now!”

<If no selection is made, one will be chosen for you. Please make a selection now.>

Freaking out, Dave reviewed the options, and regrettably chose the option that seemed to be the least intrusive to his personality. [COOL]

Immediately, Dave felt a little different. Like… he was above it all. Above this stupid machine. He was confident that he’d be able to reverse it in the end, and he didn’t give a shit about the guys outside, still laughing.

19. Choose a hairstyle.

Still, Dave was confident he’d reverse the whole thing, so he decided it didn’t matter what he chose for the rest of this program.

His now longer hair was stylized to a semi-short cut, he had a remarkably pretty face, and he sported two generously sized breasts after choosing his cup size. He even ended up with an above-average sensitivity in his new vagina. His transformation into a girl was more or less complete.

31. How are you during sex?

Well that one’s easy. [FANTASTIC]

32. How do you like your men?

Also easy. [DOMINANT]

Dave didn’t even realize that she wasn’t into women anymore. After all the button pressing and such, the very first selection of STRAIGHT happened to be from the woman’s perspective. Dave liked men, it was so obvious to her. She even chose some of the more scandalous sex positions that she enjoyed the most.

39. Do you like being a woman?

There it was! The option that would surely change me back into a man. Dave casually selected [NO] and leaned back smiling.

<We are sorry to hear this. New You has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We promise, you’ll love being a woman again when you exit this chamber.>

Dave blinked. No, that’s not what I want. “That’s not what I want! Let me out!”

Suddenly, the colors seemed to change inside the chamber, and Dave felt herself relax deeply. She had nothing to worry about, she was a sexy woman with a great libido and tons of hot guys waiting just outside for her. She loved being a woman, after all.

40. What is your name?


Danielle, satisfied with the changes, picked up her purse and sunglasses and strolled outside. She passed by some bewildered men, and took out her cellphone to call her boyfriend Ben. She was feeling like getting *pretty* lucky tonight.


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