Barry hadn’t gotten laid in over a year and I felt bad for him. As his best friend I felt a duty to help him out, the problem was that no girl wanted to go out with him or look in his direction. Barry had a reputation for being a jerk which made things more difficult. So when he came over one day with a pearl necklace purchased from Spells R Us, I was a little more open to his crazy idea than I would be otherwise.

“The guy at the store said whoever puts this necklace on will be submissive and attracted to me” Barry explained, excited to try it out.
“Who are you going to give it to? Jenny?” I asked.
“No Jenny hates me.”
“I owe Karen twenty dollars.”
“She’s in New York for the year.”
It went on like this for a while before we realized that Barry didn’t know a single girl. He seemed disappointing.

“I’m sorry, man.” I said sympathetically.
“There is one more option. The guy said that…well…”
“What?” I asked.
“Well he said if a guy wears it he’ll become a girl, and he can turn back if he takes the necklace off. Unless…”
“Unless what?”
“Unless they get semen on them.”

I was silent, I didn’t know what Barry was suggesting, but I had a bad feeling.
“Well…” He said.”Maybe you could put it on? I’m just so thirsty dude I need this!”
“What? No way! That’s fucking gross man! You want me to fuck you?!”
“No! You’d be a girl, it wouldn’t really be you!” Barry argued.
“What are you talking about of course it would be me!”
“Okay, if you do it for me, I’ll give you five hundred dollars and I’ll let you do it right back to me so we’re even!” He pleaded. I crossed my arms and thought really hard. I didn’t want to do all of that, but I wanted to help my friend.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” I said. Barry was enthused. An hour later we decided to get it started, and I was nervous as he handed me the necklace.
“You owe me.” I said, putting the necklace on. My vision got blurry and the lights in the room got bright. A second later I looked down to find myself in the same clothes as before but much bigger on me. I saw two mounds pushing out from my chest. Everything around me was a little bigger. With small hands I felt my smooth face and my long hair.

“Dude it worked!” Barry yelled. When I looked at him I realized how strong his jaw was and how nice a smile he had.
“Wow, I guess it did…” I said, hearing my soft female voice.
“Well, do you want to get started?” He asked. I realized I was really attracted to him, and as weird as this all felt it felt good.
“Um, yeah okay.” I said meekly.

Barry embraced me and planted his lips on mine. I was surprised by his forcefulness and strength but I couldn’t stop. He ran his hands down my sides and over my hips, allowing me to feel my new dimensions by way of him. In turn I felt his solid body. As a guy I was larger than Barry, but now I was much smaller. Our breathing was getting heavy when he pulled my shirt off and my now loose jeans fell to the floor. Now fully naked, I could feel my bigger ass groped by Barry as he led me across the room.

Barry sat on the couch and kissed my body on his way down. That’s when he pulled me down onto my knees between his. I realized what he wanted and I was nervous. Of course I didn’t want to suck his dick, but with the magic of the necklace I was weirdly excited. Barry unbuckled his pants and pulled his dick out. It was hard and throbbing and really… nice.

My mouth was already watering as I put his member in my mouth. He let out a satisfied groan as my mouth caressed and massaged him. I could feel my empty crotch get warm and wet, and realized that I was super horny too.

Remember when I said that Barry hadn’t been laid in a year? All of that built up sexual energy didn’t last long. As I plunged my head down, putting all seven inches of his dick into my mouth and down my throat. I felt Barry spasm and something hot run down my throat. I realized the worst had happened. I pulled my head off of his dick slowly to avoid gagging.

In my head I was trying to balance the outrage and horror of being stuck like this with the necklace’s magic telling me it was okay. If nothing else I was shocked to realize I was stuck. I looked at Barry and I wanted to hate him but I thought he looked so cute. Then I looked at his dick and realized how great it looked.

“Oh my god… You totally just came down my throat.” I said as I struggled against the urge to smile at him and go back down.
“I’m so sorry.” Barry said honestly.
“It’s… okay.” I said to my surprise.


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